Friday, December 18, 2020

Christmas Places: Rebel Yell and Christmas Town

By Gemma Cleanslate


Christmas at Rebel Yell is always special because of the depth of decoration and the many activities available to all visitors. Skating, snowboarding,skiing, sledding... take your pick, If it too cold outside you can go bowling or play pinball.

This year they have a marvelous display of the hometown of Santa, Rovaniem in Lapland. Read the history at the entrance. 

Santa is there and is so proud of his home he is showing it off in so many ways.

He is driving couples around in a sleigh, having dinner with people, listening to their wishes , supervising his elves at the workshop and doing a wonderful job!

I even found him having a happy dance on top of his train.
He has set up horses for riding with your honey, or alone. I found a fishing hole and sat for a while trying to catch something to no avail but it was fun.

The Gingerbread Bakery is filled with goodies and I had to stop for some roasted chestnuts on my walk through the village. 

There were many visitors wandering the town and nearby woods on horseback checking out all the venues  . Go visit!

After that visit I stopped at the Holly Jolly Cafe at the Christmas Expo  for a live show   DaliLu  (DaliLuuDj)  and group singing. She has a lovely delicate soprano voice that charmed the audience. It is great to see the good that the Expo does every year for the ACS and this year was no exception.

Well it was a bit later than other openings however Laura Liberty got it done. I was so happy to see Christmas Town come to life again. This venue has everything! There are shops where you can pick up anything you have forgotten for decor, numerous outfits for any party, and much more. One thing I always like to visit is the New Years Eve shop. Check out all the decor you need and food and drinks , of course , Champagne .

This year there is a new item I think, unless I missed it last year... Jigsaw puzzles you can buy and actually make own photos into a puzzle~! The old make your own card is still available to work with and take home. There are spots around the lovely ice lake where you can just sit , relax by the fire and watch the skating. There is also a scary sled ride if you have the nerve. Look for the underground entrance and good luck!

Skating here is so much fun. The ice is delightful and one can use the skate balls or  your own AO. The best part is entering the magnificent Castle. This is an experience you must not miss.The ride through is a guided tour that takes you back in time to all the favorite old and newer Christmas movies beloved by all. I am happy to be reminded of those not to miss again on TV.

There is a music attachment to use while skating through. I love it!

Hopefully Santa will be there and you can get a picture before you leave.

Gemma Cleanslate

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