Monday, December 7, 2020

Bayou Du Chat Noir

By Fritter Enzyme

What a trip it is going through this bayou late at night. It is lush with vegetation and culture. And it is very cat themed. So what is not to love. The buildings are beautiful at night, all era settings inside and out. Everything just glows. You will be lucky to find a hotel room available, or land. It is a popular place. 

There are art galleries where you can 'bayou' some pictures (I know, bad pun), and a few cool bars. There's a nice library as well. Do take some time to check out behind the buildings in the downtown area. Some old-timer coin-operated machines are around to play with. 

The graveyard is nice, great for Halloween season. Look for the green voodoo shop downtown as it is a must-see. Maybe get a reading and get your voodoo on. Talk to the swamp spirits, seek their wisdom.

Kitty Vinji and Kylie Quinn share duties of running the sim. They host fun events time to time. Halloween is a major event, but check out the bayou Christmas. I knew Kitty from her previous store, the Dapper Cat (which is now a barber shop), in a different bayou that we both lived in. They have set out to make their own place, and they very much succeeded. 

You do need to hand out at the Love Shack for a real good time and some great tunes. The atmosphere is perfect! Get your info card at the landing site. Have fun, and always support the sims you dig!

This link will bring you to Kitty's temporary gacha store and nearby Cat Museum:

Fritter Enzyme

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