Monday, November 30, 2020

Still More Christmas Shopping Places

By Gemma Cleanslate

The Christmas Fair at Ancient Life is absolutely delightful. The streets and Lanes are a wonderful place to walk and shop. If you are looking for old time characters for your region decor there are so many here along with old fashioned sleighs. elves, carolers and so much more. I even saw some thin ribbon candy! I am pretty sure I saw Scrooge checking into the hotel.

Take a look at this milkman with his wares and truck too . Some of the figures are animated and so adorable. Santa is waiting there for you when you arrive.

I sat down with Santa for dinner at a sumptuous table that would look great in a region dining area. One shop  had some beautiful carpets that I may go back for but not sure they are suitable for a houseboat . I found a very pretty chickadee outfit and did indulge myself! If you have some decor for sale I did see some empty shops along the way.  Visit and get that old fashioned feeling of this holiday centuries ago.

I love to visit this region every year I think mostly because I like the name Snuggles! This shopping area has many very well defined larger shops full of a special item... Gnomes,  Floral, Indoor decor etc, so it is easy to locate exactly what you are looking for  in case you need something in a hurry.  It is always beautifully decorated for the season.

 I went into the indoor decor and found a whole rack of really nice holiday cards. Sets for special friends, honey, kids, and some with songs are available. Some allow you to add your own messages. 

I also love the flying sleighs led by reindeer. Some nice chubby Santas hang around here .

When I visited Erotic Shores Christmas region a few weeks ago it was billed as "Stores ready for rent." Well now it is ready for shoppers as “Christmas Shopping at its Best.”  I found several mens shops there with good holiday outfits. This is something I usually hear complaints about , that men cannot find clothes. .So visit here if you are having trouble. Of course there are many women's shops to check out too. One or the shops had some Christmas books and wrapping for sale.  

If you have some wares for sale there is still room for a few in shops and also market tables on the street for rent . While you are there look for both skiing and skating behind the shopping.

One more place I visit every year is the Christmas Store at Dench Designs. Amanda Dench always has wonderful free gifts for members and non members in her shop.
Outside there are cute little outdoor scenes that would fit well on small properties as well as large areas. Inside the shop are many items from trees, reindeer, animated characters and my favorite, those you can dance with !

It is great fun to choose the one you want and try out the dancing before you buy one for your own. Jump on , choose your dance and go.Try it! Go upstairs for the gifts!

I will be finding more winter venues  for you to visit mostly scenic but some with shopping and perhaps with some winter fun!

Gemma Cleanslate

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