Monday, November 23, 2020

More Christmas Shopping Places

By Gemma Cleanslate

My tour of Christmas markets and sales of decor and outfits continues. Some of these venues have gifts around so keep an eye out. Also check the windlight settings and be sure to check the Music media . There is lovely music playing at most sites and it adds to the experience .

If you are looking for a ‘Special‘ Santa. a working Santa, a fire fighting Santa, a carpenter Santa, etc., you need to stop off at Christmas at the North Pole. There is such a gathering of them just waiting to go to work for you  where ever you need them/ Perhaps your water region needs  a Santa to deliver gifts in a boat. Well, he is here waiting for you . If there is a fire possibility get a fire truck with Santa. There are also loads of toys for sale here too in the elf’s store.

There is also a rezz zone where you can rezz the scenes to see what they look like before you buy. I had some fun there, looking at the various scenes.

Some people will be having fun gatherings for the holidays. If you are looking for some really goofy decor for the area or the house check out this place, Never You Mind.  It is a delight to visit and  if one really wants to buy some of the critters to roam around and just keep you company by sitting on your shoulder. There are singing elves, walking cupcakes, Angels and so much more. Most are singing holiday songs in their strange little voices. There is a little tipjar at the entrance where you can get a little shoulder pet for a small tip. I got a couple.

Clematis Island is hosting a Christmas Market that is so chuck full of decor, clothing, globes, toys and on and on. Everything is either on a snow laden stand or in a  shop on the roadside. Stop off at the Roasted chestnuts cart in the road. It is really a teleport area that will take you up to a lovely skating rink. I saw more little stands there waiting to be filled with more goodies. Also at one of the stands I picked up an invitation to The Nutcracker that the RIPA will be presenting on numerous dates in  December. I will be going!

Another venue where you can shop and skate right in the same market is over at Serena Little Inagua .This is a typical German winter market with stalls holding offerings from candles, wreathes, globes, Nativity scenes, cookies and other food. Watch for the red gift boxes near the stalls.

I almost bought a great looking ski outfit from Almut Brunswick Fashion but remembered I had better check my packed away ski outfits first. I think I got one last year. One stand had some cute ugly sweaters too but I do have those for sure .I stopped over at the wine bar before I left since it was my last stop of the day but discovered it was for sale. It was very busy while I was there .Around the perimeter look for the lovely scenes for your region or outside your home.

Gemma Cleanslate

Note: The wrong SURL was given out for Serena Little Inagua originally. It has since been corrected. - Hat tip: Annie Brightstar

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