Friday, March 12, 2021

Ms. Orchide Delmar's Love and Harmony Jazz Club

by Dancerina Starlight

Ms. Orchide Delmar is no stranger to hard work and success in Second Life. She has spent many years in-world using her management and corporate skills to assist others build their dreams of popular and successful venues. After many years of managing one of SL's jazz giant clubs, she decided to put her business plan in action and founded her very own,  Love and Harmony (L&H) Jazz Club.

Her goal was to create an environment so residents in Second Life could frequent and feel comfortable whereby when they enter the venue their adoration for it captivates their attention. The name of the venue emulates her passion for people who are touched every day, one DJ and entertainer at a time.  Ms. Delmar wants L&H to be a place where people can come and cherish without fail.

Nestled in the oceanic region of Seaworld, Love and Harmony comprises sunsets, white sandy beaches, ocean splashing over the reef, warm tropical breezes, and very exquisite food.  It is surrounded by a lovely garden, magical waterfall, and dining to complement each couple's special relationship. Other niceties include romantic dinner, rezz day, proposals, anniversaries, birthdays and special events.  There are  Love and Harmony Jazz dance ballroom couples or singles.  Guests can meet new friends, run into old friends, and enjoy castle elegance shops.

Love and Harmony is Second Life's champion for fine dining, weddings, dancing, and entertaining. It is an exquisite venue, with elegant decorum for each guest's comfort and pride.  Guest, JedBenz Resident stated, "I am pleased with the venue." "It's a place where people can  come to enjoy the company of their love and heart." Overall,  Love and Harmony is designed with each guest in mind. Ms. Delmar, states that "Love and Harmony is romantic, genteel, classy, and elegant." "The right place for our guests."  Love and Harmony is a great place to call home; a place to remain on your calendar any day of the week.

Guests often take tours and admire the intricate details of the ballroom; from the entrance to upstairs.  The restaurant and Paris. Each area exudes its own captivating beauty.  The shops, located beside the ballroom, are adorned with some of your favorite formal gowns and tuxedos.  Dinners by the waterfalls or in the gazebo surrounded by a gorgeous garden enriched with sweet smelling flowers, golden green vines.

Ms. Delmar states, "We take pride in keeping our guests informed regarding our daily operations, special events, and tributes.  This is done through our exclusive VIP club. Guests are invited to join the venue's VIP club."  Like many social clubs in Second Life, L&H has built a network of guests who frequent its venue, making it competitive with high traffic venues.

Every wedding at Love and Harmony  receives L&H's signature grand attention to detail, no matter how large or small.  The venue caters to a variety of wedding styles, formal, church, garden, barn, and beach. Adding to its flexibility, L&H is in touch with what's trending and has made space to meet the needs of every couple who seeks to unite in class and elegance.  This unique venue offers exclusive engagement, bridal showers and wedding packages. , cater dinner elopement , wedding photographer.  Dj's , Officiant. Our experienced staff will provide extraordinary warmth, hospitality and service extended to all your guests.

The ballroom is one the most beautiful venues in Second Life! Spacious restaurants, weddings, low lag,  romantic, formal, special events, and tributes. It is the focal point of meet-ups and great conversations! With its love and harmony, has the venue drawn them. There is no wonder why so many residents are whispering the awe of such a marvelous venue.

Dancerina Starlight

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