Friday, November 19, 2021

Jurrasic Park

By Bixyl Shuftan

I recently heard about a Jurassic Park themed place here in Second Life. Probably most everyone in Second Life, at least among English speakers, has heard of the 1993 movie by Steven Spielberg in which a genetics company has accomplished the once impossible: bringing dinosaurs back from extinction. The owner decides to make a theme park on an island far from the mainland, and invites a group of people on a tour before the planned opening. But unfortunately, things go wrong, and the dinosaurs end up out of control and the people in danger from them.

The SURL takes you to a cavern full of dinosaur bones, in which you're told you're a palentologist whom has just been invited to take a trip by helicopter to "see what your fossil findings have brought to life." You can pick up a flashlight and a backpack at a couple places. Leaving the caves, your next step is to click on the helicopter pad and hop on the helicopter. 

You go through some sky and clouds, and eventually land in front of what looks like a museum, with the sign Jurassic Park. Going inside, at first you see bones, but going further you see an incubator with eggs, and an animation showing a scientist getting DNA from a mosquito. 

Going through the door, you hop on a car and go on a tour, seeing the live dinosaurs for the first time, "Welcome to Jurassic Park." But eventually, something goes wrong and the vehicles stop. You then have to continue on foot, glad the carnivores are safely in their cages ... or are they?

Those familiar with the movie (and novel) can guess what happens next. There are scenes of the fences holding the more dangerous dinos now down, and making your way through jungle to the buildings, which are now overrun with raptors. You'll be going through them, as well as some explosions, then wreckage as you make your way to safety. At one point, there's a T-Rex chase. 

There are a few spots with some humor, such as the giant pile of poo in the triceratops area. And there are a few rides, such as the rideable pterodactyls. At the end of the experience is a small store in which you can pick up a souvenir, such as an Australian slouch hat. 

A great place to explore, especially for fans of dinosaurs.

 Hat tip: Inara Pey

Bixyl Shuftan

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