Wednesday, December 22, 2021

"A Christmas Wish" At Calas Chaladon Park

By Gemma Cleanslate

It is such a pleasure to visit one of the most beautiful winter holiday regions the owners of Calas Ghaladon build every year. This year it is called “A Christmas Wish” . I usually walk the whole wintry area looking for animals and exquisite pieces of scenery along the way.

There are several ways to get a scenic tour though. The sleigh is a lovely way to just ride along and enjoy the snowy wonderland and I do that too. Another that I love is the balloon ride that circles the active area.

Once you pass through the quiet peaceful byways the huge lake appears. This skating area is delightful. People skate in couples or singles using the dance balls or come with their own skating AO. I do that.

A tall Christmas tree stands on the ice. Santa is there waiting for you too .

There are several places to hang out and enjoy the view. A little coffee shop has visitors . I found an old friend I had no seen in ages sitting there and stopped to say hello one day. Stop at the small Pavilion , also a beautiful place to sit and relax and talk .

Towering over the pond is the fantastic magical Pavilion.

Inside there is a spectacular hall where parties are held, but often dancers grace the floor. The music in the regions add to the feeling of the Wish. Several rooms off to the side offer places to hang out. Santa is there and I told him what I wanted. Several gifts can be found on tables in the Pavilion for members of the group and some for anyone. I love to look at all the small figurines and other décor that grace the rooms.

I stopped over to take some photos and work on this article and ran into one of the most elegant light shows I have seen in sl in all these years. It was performed by Venus Adored and Kurk Mumfuzz and it was so moving with the music behind it. Check the program to see what is coming along until the end of December.

One visit there is never enough for me. Skating is so much fun on the large pond. I visit for a short while many times during the season. Do not miss the experience. Horse back riding is a good way to enjoy the snowy byway. By the way, the balloon ride begins behind the Pavilion. There are many places for photo poses. A notecard will give you information and lankmarks at the entrance. Have fun!

Gemma Cleanslate

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