Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Early Halloween Happenings

By Gemma Cleanslate

Are you ready? I should not have been surprised when the Bellisseria Citizen chat turned to Halloween but I was. It had not occurred to me that it was that time again to start preparing houses and properties and regions for the big holiday. In sl so many love to decorate and call this their favorite holiday. Shops have opened up and are selling all kinds of autumn and Halloween décor, and giving some away.

Pumpkins go with both so they are very popular . The first place I visited was recommended by Tamarind Silverfall . I arrived at Love Autumn and Halloween amongst the graves. I walked around and found there is an entire creepy circus set up with many scenes for sale. There is also much autumn décor that fits both autumn and halloween. One can buy a whole village! One thing I have never seen before were stages for Halloween parties. Walk around and see the myriad scenes for sale.

In the spooky store I found a Halloween tree!

I checked my list and sure enough one of my favorite places, Dench Designs has the Halloween store open! I flew over there to see what was going on and as usual the second floor has wonderful freebies and the huge bargain corner is open with so may pieces of décor for only 5L .I found some disappearing ghosts for a very low price and got them.

The famous wearable animesh dancers are out to try and buy. They are so much fun. My friend Xia came by with her mouth open at the great bargains to be had for her favorite holiday. She brought more friends over to shop . I will have to take out a bit of furniture at home to put them out.

Khargo is also ready to serve your spooky needs for your home, club, region. Many seating outdoor scenes are available here too. Check out the indoor shop for loads of little additions for a Halloween home.

I found more freebies over at Coco’s on Refugio. At this shop you can find entire rooms for your home.
I have a hard time resisting knick-knacks and almost gave in to a few but controlled myself. I have so many places to visit! Well, I can always come back….
 Gemma Cleanslate

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