Monday, January 16, 2023

Winter Days

By Gemma Cleanslate

Winter is still alive in second life. We toured many regions before Christmas that were having winter activities but many have closed their sites until the next season rolls around. But , never fear there are so many still here to explore and appreciate. I took a trip out to Winter Days.

Right away I felt welcome. There is an open house where one can sit and eat in the dining area which I did. Since it was frosty cold outside I had a bowl of soup in the kitchen. The rest of the house is open for exploring too.

“Winter is here! The lake has frozen up and the kids have got their ice skates out. Come and join in the fun. Largest skating lake in Second Life. Snowmobiling, Photo Spots, Conversation pit and more. Bring your own skates or get a free pair here!” That is the description for the region.

At the entrance the marvelous skating area one can pick up free skates, free snowball thrower, and a free snowball shooter for some fun while you are there and to take with you when you leave. You can also have a dance with your honey or sit by the outdoor fireplace in comfortable chairs with friends and just relax. At the other side of the skating lake entrance there are snowmobile rezzers and trick and relaxed skating balls to ride if you like. I have trouble with those snowmobiles but manage.

Out on the extensive skating lake after touring a little I sat at a firepit and had a nice warming cup of tea. Couples may enjoy a dance there too. The music is soothing. Near by I could see the stores that belong to the owner of Winter Days, Mike Chandra (MauiMike Resident), Simcaster and stopped to take a look. Lots of Stage and sound equipment.

I found a lovely gallery there called Moonglow Gallery and took a look at the lovely art pieces by Mike. It is a very restful place. It is still under construction I think but I sneaked in.

Back to skating I found a cute little winter shack for resting or visiting or snuggling with a lover. One can sit and recover their breath on logs all around the lake. There are many opportunities for photos here so make a winter visit. Winter Days will remain until the end of February so enjoy! I plan to go again before I put my skates away with wishes for spring. 
Editor's note, Gemma was about to send in an article about another winter area several days ago, but the place vanished. 

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