Monday, April 3, 2023

Steeliehook Public Forest & Zen Centre

By Gemma Cleanslate 

I often get an idea for an article in an announcement from The Nature Collective. This site is one I loved as soon as I arrived at the entrance. The description says “This forest was built with love and calm. It is a place for self-reflection and centering." The music and lighting add to the experience. The first thing I saw was a 7seas fishing vendor so I knew there was fishing somewhere.

The light shafts shining on the trees and foliage enchanted me. This is a place to take a deep breath and relax. I walked down the stairs and into the forest to explore. There is a trail through the woods for walking. There are so many little spots for those who would like to linger. It is a place to walk slowly and enjoy the plantings and the little animals. Photographers will love it. The creeks have lovely waters flowing by. There is 7Seas fishing is to the right at the first creek and comfortable seating , a picnic basket with a sandwich and drinks.

I stopped at a picnic area below a waterfall that reminded me so much of a place I used to go in real
life. Farther along I found a place to paint a picture of the surroundings.

There is a lovely statue of Buddha where one can meditate, or practice yoga for beginners and advanced practitioners. Meditating is easy in this environment.

Jennifer Steele-Lilliehook (JenniferSteele Wilder), a well known artist in Second Life created it with her wife, Dempsey Lilliehook, and friend , HecateWic of Wic Foods. “

After my walk I noticed that Jennifer was nearby so went looking for her. I climbed up stairs and along a walkway past some shops and found a large restaurant called The Wine Cellar. Inside cooks were busy preparing food and Jennifer was there rearranging furniture. She invited me to lunch and we sat down and ordered. It is a delightful luncheon. 

She told me that soon she will be having events there such as Jazz singers, live sax, and other attractions. “ We will be doing announcements through TNC for drum circles and I AM sessions”. She told me it is to give back for all her support in second life. “ I just do what I love to do and it all seems to fall into place.

I will wait to see what they are. It was an enjoyable lunch. I have not seen Jennifer for a while so it was nice. She is still doing a bit of renovations around the whole area.Take a trip over to wander through the forest and explore the area. Stop in the restaurant and on the other side of the forest I learned there is an airport with a rezz zone so you fly in or out. This is your entrance to the forest. 

Gemma Cleanslate

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