Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Bellessarian Embassy Opens at The CDS

By Gemma Cleanslate 

Sunday BBB ( The Bellessaria Bureau of Bureaucracy) opened a new Embassy at the C.D.S.
The event took place in the town square at Neufreistadt with a packed audience.

Moon Adament , Chancellor of the CDS greeted all with “welcome all to the CDS, SL's oldest democracy! And welcome too to our celebration of our cooperation with the BBB. thanks to Brooke for this great decor of the Neufreistadt 'Platz and thanks to DJ Mandry, we're sure of a great set! So please enjoy the party, here's to a great time to all to all the newcomers: welcome to the CDS! we're the oldest democratic community in SL “.

Bel (Jezebel Bailey):of the BBB said ”I want to officially ring in the new Embassy and Ambassadorship of CDS!” Congratulations to both CDS and Bellisseria for a new friendship and comradrieship in Second Life~”

The new Ambassador, Sandy Burgess, was installed and accepted her new position. Dj Mandry ( Mandry Demonia)provided the music and the party went on! There were many Bellisserians there as well as many Officers and citizen land owners of CDS, the oldest democracy in SL.

This Embassy is a bit different from the others on each continent. Here there is an office in the Rathaus, not a free standing building. It is open for visitors and fits the building décor of the town. This town is very lovely.The CDS is very interesting and has a long history that you can read at The lands are extensive and I plan to explore all the six regions.

Gemma Cleanslate

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