Monday, February 26, 2024

Haunted House in Bridesmere, Bellisseria

By Gemma Cleanslate

I received an invitation to visit a new house on an island on Bridesmere. It is a quiet neighborhood on Bellisseria with the lovely traditional homes lining the streets along the gulf. I am looking at a lovely dark blue trad with curtains on the windows and flowers below on the ground. I walked around the house and found a pool in the back that looked inviting.The view is lovely. Further along at the water’s edge is a Bumper boat rezzer set for anyone to use. I walked back to the entrance to the front to the entrance of the house called Mysterious Manor. It was time to go in and find out why. It is dark.

The foyer held a welcome sign that in itself was a warning. . Inside I found the owner, Evangeline Ling, working on some finishing touches . In the first sitting room room is a Ouija board set for visitors to use. The directions are there on a notecard. A fortune teller machine is in another corner and a strange hand table in another corner, sit and talk to it. Be sure to look at the art in the house as you wander. I noticed ghost evidence in several places.

Eva told me this is not a usual Halloween house. The sign in front says Haunted House but it is more than that.

“I have an RL interest in the Paranormal and wanted to make a house inspired by some of my personal favorite haunted places... places like the Conjuring House or the Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells Texas. rather then just making a scary halloween type haunted house i wanted mine to have more of a feel of a Paranormal investigation”

As she worked I wandered through the rooms looking at the décor and for signs of haunting. She has placed Rem-pods to indicate change of temperature when a spirit is present and EVPs that interpret sounds heard that may be spirits. Upstairs in a room filled with dolls and little creatures I found two Annabelle replicas in cases on the wall. She is a porcelain doll possessed by a demonic spirit. Annabelle is considered their most dangerous and haunted item, and has a habit of moving around unseen. Evangeline said she would be very afraid if she ran into the doll in real life. The cases are labeled DO NOT OPEN, but I cannot resist such a sign and found out what happens when one does open. I know that Annabelle was in the ocult museum belonging to the Warrens in Connecticut which is closed.. I wonder where she is now.

Anyone is invited to come and hang out there . You are invited to join a group Haunted Bellisseria which has as members , Bellisseria Paranormal Society.Bellisseria ghosts, Bellisseria spiritualists. If you have an interest in such on Bellisseria or anywhere else on the grid. Eva said she had has already had a team of eight paranormal investigators visit.

Gemma Cleanslate

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