Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Bellisseria Commissary

By Gemma Cleanslate

Saturday mornings my first task every week is to read The Gazette. This is the Journal of Record of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy that I often write about in the SL Newser. . This way I can keep track of events that are upcoming and get the latest places that have added terminals for passport stamps. I then head right over to collect the new stamps before I miss any. It also gives me a chance to see new places on the grid that might make an article about interesting places you might enjoy visiting. Terminals for passport stamps available to all not only Bellisseria residents , are all over the grid on different continents and private regions also.

This Saturday I actually revisited a building that I meant to write about before but had misplaced information about it. This is the Bellisseria Commissary on Hartsmere.

Although there was a stamp terminal there before now there is also a new one upstairs in a room called the Breakup Room. It is a comfortable room with a sofa and large art pieces. In a chair sits Margo. Margo will talk to you about your issues if you address her. She is very smart.

If you wander next door there is a delightful room that seems a bit out of place but at the Commissary but a nice place to sit and relax. It is called Mushroom Land. Be sure to take a look at all the art pieces in the rooms . There are some early Linden items here and there . Wander into other rooms you will find goodies to collect . At the entrance there is an information card that tells you about the commissary. There is food in most rooms. I had a great bowl of chili and also a filling club sandwich while I looked around. I also picked up an interesting notecard that directed me to other locations where I could talk to more botchats . I will check them out. 

Another charming location with a new stamp terminal that I checked out was Kasada. I would recommend you take a tour there. It has a little beach right near the entrance that has fun water. ski-doos to take a ride around the harbor.

Up on the hilltop is a lovely old fashioned bar to check out. From The Gazette I learned that Kasada is a resurrection with a do over of an old Kasada that was a biker hangout ,but has become a nature themed location with,”. several nice places to relax, hang out and have fun. Rezz a boat and sail to the Blake Sea or just relax, have fun and meet others from all over the world.”

Go check it out.

After all this I went over to attend the opening of the Relay for Life for 2024!

Gemma Cleanslate

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