Friday, August 13, 2010

China Tang

As I was looking for some new interesting places for you to explore I was invited to China Tang. Are you interested in history, culture and art? China Tang will enlighten you about the beauty of The Golden Age of China from the years June 18, 618–June 4, 907, The Tang Dynasty.

It is a gorgeous sim filled with so much to see and to find. “We hope to proffer more than a spot for cultural appreciation. China Tang promises its visitors an experience to titillate their senses,“ Valor Renilo said. It took a team of three to complete the build China Tang - Cayenne Republic, Ryusho Ort, and Valor Renilo.

Take a walk and discover the outer builds. You will find tai chi, yoga and meditation areas, Buddha temples and more. I rode my horse around the outside and then walked in the interior places. The larger structures will take you time to peruse because of the many lovely objects .You have to walk around in this area of the palace and gardens and to see the magnificent artifacts and discover the underground hidden places. The builders arranged it that way.

Below the palace you will find a stage area with resting rugs and next to that a gallery with elegant sculpture and lovely art pieces from that golden age. Valor guided me to some of them so I could warn you that you need to search and uncover the secret places yourself to really enjoy them. Way down under are some romantic rooms where you can relax and enjoy . Your visit may take a while and perhaps several visits.

You can begin your adventures here: China Tang Empire (132, 81, 23).

Gemma Cleanslate

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