Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Virtual Impressions

Would you adore these nails? Of course you would. Think of all the fabulous looks of envy you will receive.

Chrissy Ambrose designs the most elegant hands in all of Second Life. I have tried many manicures, and these far surpass them all. Praises for this talented designer of fabulous jewels and boots and shoes. Her prices are outstanding. Flashing your diamonds and jeweled bedecked fingers will make you feel like the best dressed, most beautiful lady.

When I first met the talented Chrissy, I spent hours in her shop getting my start in winning my wardrobe of boots and shoes from her lucky chairs. To this day, I see the progress of her talents upward to the top of the world. Her customer support is unbelievable. Believe me, she can work wonders. She saved my hard to fit legs many a time, especially before I destroyed my shape a few times. Oh those were the days.

Her work is in many a fine shop. Please go to her shop and try the demos of everything on display. And if you ever have a question, send her a notecard and she will reply as quickly as possible.

Join me and discover the beautiful jewels, nails, boots, and shoes. Indulge in her free gifts each month to her members. I tell you, the work of her jewels will astound you. Fit for a queen, and all of you. Enjoy my friends.

Ekho (137,128,24)

I am always searching for something.

Breezes Babi

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