Monday, September 27, 2010

The Rotterdam Virtual Market

I love finding new things in SL, and today I found a virtual flea market at Rotterdam Virtual (43, 130, 21). Every Thursday vendors show up early to claim a stall for the day. At Rotterdam Virtual Market there is a smorgasbord of items, and you never know what you will find. I saw vintage clothes, flowers, make-up for nails and eyes—a little bit of everything. Like the markets we have here, there are bargains to be found. The vendors get their stalls for free on Thursday, and most have passed the savings on to us.

The first stall I came to sold stereo speakers and chairs. An odd combo perhaps, but this is flea marketing at its best. In another stall, Jos Joszpe offered "Tree of Life Readings” and Personality Analysis. Readings are done by appointment, and also for donations rather than a set price. It looked interesting so I tucked his notecard away to check out later.

At the far end of a row I met resident Sirena Penucca, who makes and sells lovely “Earth Inspired Jewelry”. On this Thursday she had come to the market at 3 AM SL time in order to get a stall—and she got the last one! She explained that the sim is Dutch, and that 3 AM SL time translates into noon RL time in Holland. She also told me that the Market had music earlier, but it had ended by the time I arrived.

Sirena started making jewelry in SL in January of this year. This summer she was able to increase her work when she found more time to spend in-world. She also makes jewelry in RL, too. In SL, however, she is able to make more complex designs because she is not limited by working with silver. Here her imagination rules. One of her specialties involves messages enclosed in a bottle, heart, diamond, or other shape and worn as a necklace. The person who buys the necklace can personalize it by writing a note, inserting the note into the shape, and giving it to their loved one or special friend. Only the person who receives the gift can open it. Messages can also be passed back and forth between these two special people. The necklace comes in versions for either men or women.

If you can’t make it to the market on Thursdays, or if Sirena missed out on a stall that day, you can visit her shop, Elemental Earth Designs. She has two locations: Elemental Earth Designs @ Australia Rocks and Elemental Earth Designs @ Galleria Of Glam.

The Rotterdam sim is owned by Sas Offcourse, and has a large mall as well as other things to see and do. When I visited in the mid-afternoon SL time, there weren’t many residents around. But if you find yourself up in the middle of the US night, Virtual Rotterdam could be hopping. I saw a dance floor and lots of clubs and restaurants for residents to enjoy.

Grey Lupindo

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