Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Second Life Jalisco, Mexico

Nothing says Mexico like Tequila and Mariachi music, and the home of both is the Mexican state of Jalisco. Located at Opera Joven (133/17/21), SL Jalisco captures the sights and sounds of this RL Mexican city so realistically that you might find yourself trying to exchange Lindens for pesos.

As soon as you arrive, be sure to turn on your music. Mariachi, as well as other Latino music, adds to the festive mood. Next, hop on the Tequila Express train. It will take you to all the best spots and type fun, informative facts about each site in the chat. It will even stop and wait if you want to sightsee or snap a few photos.

The first scheduled stop is Chapala Lake, the largest lake in Mexico. Next the train travels through the Blue Agave fields. The world-famous agaves are both beautiful and useful. Tequila is made from this type of agave.

In the town itself, there is an opera house where concerts and other events are held. Next to that is a colorful market. When I was there, I found a sale on Charro and other Mexican outfits, as well as free t-shirts. There were colorful Talavera dishes and pots, hammocks, textiles, and furniture to give your own casa or beach a Mexican flavor. You can even buy a piñata here.

Near the market is a Mexican restaurant where you can pick up tacos and other goodies. In the restaurant and outside are plenty of chairs for you and your friends to sit and relax. Complimentary tequila shots are available, too. Be sure to take a few minutes to visit the Museum of Jaliso, which is located above the restaurant. The museum is small, but packed with interesting displays about the history and culture of Jalisco. All of the information is in English, too. Other important sites, such as the Basilica of Zapopan and the Colima volcano are represented here, too.

The RL Jalisco is centrally located in Mexico and bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean. Naturally there is a beach in SL Jalisco, too, that you can reach by train. Don’t forget your sunscreen and beach towel.

Grey Lupindo

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