Monday, November 28, 2011

The “Happy Vixen’s” Grand Re-Opening

On November 26th, the “Happy Vixen” beach club had its “Grand Re-Opening” party. For several days, it had been closed, undergoing reconstruction. And when the job was done, owner Nydia Tungsten ordered a special party to celebrate.

Before she was entrusted with her position at Club Zero Gravity, Nydia Tungsten once owned another beach club: Angel’s Beach. Some time after becoming the space club's owner, Nydia placed a small shopping mall on the surface of the Purrfection sim, one that looked like a beachside shop with it’s thatched roof and wooden supports instead of walls. Next to the water, the decision was made to place a small beach club, built by Treminari Huet. It had all the basics of a club, plus a couple dancing poles plus tip jars for dancers and the DJ. The little beach club came to be known as “The Happy Vixen.”

Zero Gravity continued to be the main club in the sim, and indeed the little beach club was often seen as an extension of the larger space club, it’s “planetside beach getaway.” But it remained in regular use, and had it’s own group separate from Club Zero, as well as being counted among the clubs at the FCA club alliance. Parties were held at the “Vixen” usually once a week, often with beach music and the residents dancing around in bathing suits. Between parties, residents could always scoot around in the water in a couple jet skis in a nearby pier.

For months, the weekly parties of fun in the sun continued with few changes, an extra dance pole put up, a piece of artwork put up. A larger beach club, “Raised Tail Resort,” joined the FCA, but it didn’t seem to affect numbers at the “Vixen.” Recently came news from owner Kryxia Silverfall that “Raised Tail” would be closing it’s doors indefinitely due to events beyond her control.

It is with tears in my eyes that I announce that Raised Tail Resort is now closed, you will see a few more notices in the future about where you can find your favorite staff member. We are not gone for good, but like any fur, there is hibernation. Here's to hoping for an early spring.

Although there was still the “Happy Vixen,” both for the patrons and the DJs and hosts, some people had come to love the structure and beach of the larger club. Nydia Tungsten decided that perhaps after all this time, the Happy Vixen could use an expansion.

Jasmine Dawn (OraSine Resident) was given the job of rebuilding the Happy Vixen. She used the design of “Raised Tail” as an inspiration, Kryxia contributing a few items as well. The club itself was larger, with another room next to the dance floor, a future mall area with spaces for rent. The new structure has a little less open space on the sides, with a gap between lower and upper walls. The gap itself is partly covered by vines, though still allows sunlight in. The club has a wide entrance to and from the beach. in a hall between the dance floor and the second room, one can get information about renting a place in Purrfection.

Jasmine’s design included a beach. The wide beach has a number of palm trees, at least one of which drops coconuts, so careful where you step. There are a few beach towels to lie on, a hammock, a couple lounges with overhead sheeting, a few floats to rest on, a partly hidden cuddle spot or two, a couple games people can pass the time playing, plus the two jet skis from the previous build. And of course the waves lapping at the shore, and the terrific view at sunset/sunrise.

It should be noted that the beach at the Happy Vixen is a nude beach, where human, furred, and neko avies are free to go about in the buff. This was a decision Nydia made after taking to several friends whom complained about a certain development around the Grid: Second Life’s nude beaches are closing. Nydia had been told a number of “clothing optional” beaches were shutting down, and those that remained were often “perv beaches” which were the scenes of riskee behavior out in the open that would get one banned from ordinary nude beaches. The result was girls finding it harder and harder to find a place where they could enjoy full exposure without being pestered for sex.

“This nude beach is for those that have put a lot of time and effort into their skins and want to show it off, not for those looking for a quick lay,” Nydia Tungsten explained,”those will be banned immediately. It is a place to come hang out, ... um, no pun intended .... just to enjoy Second Life.”

With the refurbishing completed Saturday November 26th, Nydia threw a special party in the late afternoon to celebrate. Announcements were made in several groups, by both Nydia and Kryxia. On the board was a special prize of 2000 Lindens! Playing the tunes was one of the DJs from Raised Tail, DJ Artimay, whose metallic form got him the nickname of “DJ Furbot” by some. From 4 to 6 PM, a couple dozen residents, furred, neko, and human, danced around. Among those celebrating was a friend of longtime regulars and staff. Lsai Aeon, the beloved “Purple Puppy” DJ of Zero Gravity and elsewhere, had ended a period of hiatus and returned.

The DJ spun the tunes and the partiers danced until a bit after Six. Some went on to Club Cutlass, which had it’s Saturday party just afterwards. Others continued to dance a little to the KVXN music stream, or went to the beach to relax.

It was a good start to the new Happy Vixen.

Bixyl Shuftan

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