Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis the Season

Yes, it is the winter sport season. Second Life has many wonderful places to participate in more than one sport. My favorite has always been ice skating. Skiing is fun too, and sledding.

I took a tour of the quite a few sims that already have skating ponds and rinks set up for you. At most you will find free skates, male, female and unisex available. At some you will also find some couples skating poses, and also snowball throwing prims to pick up. I sat on a reindeer at one.

Some of these slurls will take you directly to the skating area, but there are a few that you will have to search around a bit. That is ok too since the sims have other interesting things going on besides skating.

I will have some more for you as we get further into the season. It will be a long winter in Second Life so take advantage of it, (with apologies to our Aussie friends). I will also keep an eye out for some cheap vacations to tropical islands.

Snowflake Island - Oopsy!!! Watch out, snowball thrower also and place for snowball fights set up

Christmas at Winter Holiday village

Snow falls Island- have to tp from entrance, look on the board

Aero Pines - (free winter outfits here too).

Have a great time! See you somewhere!

Gemma Cleanslate

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