Friday, December 30, 2011

Skiing! More Winter Fun!

It has been such a busy season getting lovely Christmas items in the advent calendar and all the hunts I have been negligent finding the winter sports for you! But, winter is just beginning and there will be lots of time to participate. You already have a list of slurls to visit for skating.

How about skiing? There are some great places where you can go skiing, sledding, skateboarding and the sports gear is provided for you. One of my very favorites is at Wolf Mountain. That is on the skating list but you walk over to the tram and take it to the top of the mountain and there you will find everything you need. A spectacular view and a wonderful ski run. You can bring your own and not use the pose balls to flash down the mountain. You will love it! You can warm up in the Lodge after your last downhill trek.

Now, if you love cross country skiing, one of my other favorites is the place to go. Aero Pines has 8 sims open for you with skis, poles, and auto cross country poses all set up! That makes it easy to view the sims too. There is so much to do in both these sims. We have been going to both places for 4 years now.

Another place we have frequented for a couple of years is Chamonix City where you will find so many winter activities to either participate in or watch.They have a terrific ski jump! If you want to learn to play hockey this is the place to go. Freebies and information are available at

In Wengen there are great ski runs off the ONSR Railway, one of the private rails off of the SL Railway. . There is a ski lift right across the tracks from the station. This will take you on a memorable ride up the mountain to the runs. Enjoy the view! .

One more for you to take a look at is the French Ski Resort in Jura .It has a nice steep downhill and for a change, try the Snowmobile ! Wow! That is a good start for skiing.

I will be looking for more fun places for you and I know they are there!

Gemma Cleanslate

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