Friday, June 1, 2012

UWA's Winthrop Hall is Back

There is a marvelous re-creation of Winthrop Hall at the University of Western Australia resurrected from 2009 that you may like to visit if you missed it. The UWA is the virtual presence of the university located in Crawley, Perth, Western Australia, Australia. 

Jayjay Zifanwe (Jay Jay Jegathesan) is  leader of the UWA virtual presence in Second Life. Of the re-creation he says, “FreeWee Ling, the UWA Curator of Virtual Arts has done a remarkable job in bringing this space to life. I graduated in Winthrop Hall, as did many thousands throughout UWA's 100 year history. This brings full circle the efforts to recreate Winthrop Hall in Second life. The facade and atrium were created by Dr Chris Thorne & David Gaze in 2009, and in May 2012, thanks to FreeWee Ling, the full creation is realized!“ 

The entrance is on the ground at .

The facade of the building is on the ground and to visit the interior click the cone inside the entrance  and it will take you to the interior where you can view the magnificent organ. To read more about the building and see photos of the real Hall you may like to visit the website

While I was visiting the building  Jay Jay told me of the UWA  machinima challenge that is going on now.  The theme is 'Seek Wisdom'. Sponsored by UWA, AviewTV, Philip Vought, Freemason Magic, Virtlantis & the Tornado Gallery the prize pool is sits at L$725,000 (approx USD 3,200). You can read more about the challange and the rules on their  website above, under the topic ‘Seek Wisdom’

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