Friday, July 13, 2012

Sneak Peak at the Relay Track

The sims of the Relay Walk this weekend are closed to most until the event begins Saturday. But Second Life Newser was allowed an early peek at the builds. Some were still under construction. Others were complete or nearly so.

An Egyptian pyramid build just north of the Redheads.

 Inside were some details, and a few things not normally expected.

Team Steelhead Salmons was still working on theirs. Here's a few of the team, including Fuzzball Ortega on left.

A cat flying a salmon? Guess one shouldn't be too surprised to see this, considering this is the team that brought you "The Hair."

Yo ho ho.

 Team Circle of Life had a picturesque fairyland with energy fields.

The Efl circle camp, almost complete.

The Knights of Avalon build.

 The Dazzlers for Life build.

The Giant Snail Races exhibit. Note the "2" falling from the clock as the time changes to 1:03.

Free snail avatars (miniature giant snails?) just behind these images of RacerX Gullwing and his team.

The Dr. Who Fans build, the guys who come to mind with this season's theme, "Time for a Cure."

The campsite of Team Open Hearts, whose build has the letters "What Would You Do If You Had More Time" next to the track, and has pictures of various people's "bucket list" wishes (things you want to do before you "kick the bucket.")

The Green Lantern Corp's build.

Last but not least for this article, New Babbage's towering build.

These of course are just a few of the exhibits of the Relay Track. The Track opens to all on Saturday for the Relay walk, and will stay up for a few days afterwards.

For previous exhibits, check back in the SL Newser archives, such as last year's Winter Season builds, including one of it's most beautiful, The Snowglobe.

Bixyl Shuftan

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