Friday, December 7, 2012

More Winter Fun at the Park Sims

By Gemma Cleanslate

Thanks to a landmark from a friend recommending a visit, I went to another spectacular region that is set for winter activities. Since it was new to me, I spent a long time exploring. There are actually 11  sims associated as the ‘Park Sims.’  At the time of this writing, four of the sims have  been turned into a winter wonderland. I ice skated through 4 sims on the ponds and rivers passing under covered bridges. As I glided along I saw farm lands with animals and buildings and large birds flew overhead. 
I stopped off at a “conservatory” style building that is serving meals. You have a great choice of breakfast, lunch , beverages depending on the time of day. If you see it be sure to go in for the full experience. All along the way I found sweet little places to stop and investigate or hang out. Since there are no rentals here, you may open any doors. I read that area is based on the early 20th century American coastal area and it is very true. I took a cross country ski tour and found a lovely stained glass church reminiscent of the the churches you see all around the villages of the New England States, even now, that date back to that era. You can enter the homes to see the furnishings that are also typical of that time. 
When you enter the sims you will find a set of rules to make your stay more enjoyable and tips for what to look for. The owners, Tymus Tenk and Truck Merideth  have brought these sims to SL just for the enjoyment of nature. I am amazed I have not found them before. They have also build an elaborate and elegant Christmas Pavilion at the Bay of Balfala where events will take place for the holiday season. It actually streches across the whole sim and is lovely! You can find that at Enjoy the events by joining the group for notices.
To begin the tour of the winter sims when  you land you will see pose balls for skating that will take you along the route with no effort. Pick up the notecards before you take off. I plan to take the tour again to see all that I passed by on my first tour and then venture into the other sims to take a look.
Gemma Cleanslate

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