Monday, December 31, 2012

Roadside Attractions: The Diners of Second Life, Part One

By DrFran Babcock

Why do we love diners? Well, it’s three o’clock in the morning and I want breakfast, my friend wants spaghetti, and my other friend wants a roast beef sandwich and French fries. There is only one place where we can all be satisfied, and that’s the diner. It seems that lot of people agree with me, and must love diners, because they abound in Second Life.

The original diners were old railroad dining cars with their wheels removed so they could stay in place and serve meals. The diners in Second Life come in all shapes and sizes, but they share some common themes. Most of the diners reviewed here stick to the tradition of being done in an Art Deco style. The color red dominates, and shares the bill with chrome, 1950s, rock and roll and roller-skating. Almost all of them have freebie food or gifts. They all embody the spirit of America, and in my biased view, the joys of living in New York or New Jersey where the best First Life diners can be found.

 Come with me on a grid wide tour of some of the diners of Second Life. Please let me know of any I have missed, because there must be a lot of them.

The Silver King Diner – This classic spot shows up first on a Second Life search for diners. I love the location on the very north of the Heterocera Atoll Continent. What’s great is that it’s bordered by roads where rezzing is allowed. You can pull out a ride and zip into the parking spot in front of this chrome and red deco building. Outside there are a few cars you can sit in, and inside, take a seat at the counter and point to a picture of food on the wall, and it will be delivered to you. If eating is not your thing, there are dance machines and dance pads (they may or may not be paying Lindens).  The music stream is old fifties rock and roll, that matches well with the old movie posters on the walls. This is a really nice place to come for a Second Life date, especially when you realize that you can get a free pair of roller skates outside, and roll off into the sunset with your sweetie.

The Silver King Diner is located at: and was built by Bubba Biberman (Bubba B.)

The Starship Diner – I know the owner and creator of this diner. It is none other than Holocluck Henly whose skill as a DJ is well known in Second Life. He has a reputation for taking care to tailor his playlist to suit the theme and attendees at events at which he spins tunes. He also bears a striking resemblance to a well known British doctor. So, it is no surprise that the diner is a cool one. Of course, this being Second Life, there are some surprises. But, I won’t mention the chickens wandering around inside until later.

The Starship is built with Fifties sensibilities, and sports a huge sign outside that often lists upcoming events open to all. Once inside a vast, carpeted floor welcomes you to dance. The diner counter is chrome and sports the New York special—a souvlaki meat slab. And yes, chickens…Holo has always liked chickens, many folks still call him Clucky, so there are chickens wandering the inside of the diner. Go out the back door of the diner and you can pick up some freebies made by Holocluck himself.

The best time to come to The Starship Diner is when there’s a party. Stop by to see what’s upcoming on the big sign out front.

The Starship Diner is located at: and is the work of Holocluck Henly.

Olivia's Creepy Diner – The next diner served up on our plate is a bit different from the first two offerings. Sure, there is the checked floor and old advertising signs, and art deco curved architecture, but that’s where the similarities end. The proprietor of this swanky spot, Olivia Scarmon lets you know in her profile picks that: The service sucks... Thats because I am usually on a smoke break. Feel free to make yourself a sandwich or something. Cold pizza is on the table if you prefer. Don’t step on my pet roaches.

I was lucky enough to run into the aforementioned Olivia when I teleported into the diner to make my report. She told me that she was a fan of horror, and this diner was her way to express this love. We spoke for a bit more, and then she promptly offered me an eyeball highball. Yum. The diner is a showplace, complete with dirty booths, spiders dropping from the ceiling, pet roaches in parade formation on the floor, and plenty of activities for hungry visitors.

Come to Olivia’s and you can engage in a horror trivia (with small Linden prizes), 7Seas fishing, dancing, eating (if you dare), and not least of all, drink in an environment that just might help with that New Years resolution to lose weight.

I highly recommend this place for its sense of humor, horror, and high level of things to do. I encountered residents at the place the few times I visited, and if I was not busy with reported for the venerated Newser, I might have stuck around and made some friends.

Olivia’s Creepy Diner is located at:  and is the work of Olivia Scarmon

Dear reader, join me next time as we continue our tour of the grid’s finest dining options, as we explore The Diners of Second Life.

DrFran Babcock

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