Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Wonderlands in January

By Gemma Cleanslate
I took a quick tour around the sims I heard have ice skating since some of you asked for more rinks. Here are some of the ones I found and I will keep looking for more .

If you like to spend some time shopping while you are skating take a trip over to Christmas sim. Two nice skating rinks surrounded by numerous cute decorations you might like, including skating rinks themselves. Santa’s sleigh roams over head and bells ringing keep you company while you skate with bears for companions. I stopped in one of the shops there and picked up a really cute outfit for the holidays, one of the pitfalls of exploring. Free Skates available for your collection .
I found another lovely little rink at The Gold Mine. The serve donuts and coffee which was nice. I stopped there right away for some energy to continue skating. The rink is great and is edged by some skating accessories stores. There are solo and couples pose balls for skating if you don’t have a skating AO. I spotted  a free skis kiosk and  a ski lift near by and hopped on to check out the sking area. It is a short ride to the top and a nice path down. Put it on your winter tour list.
Ice Water Village has an extensive place to skate. The whole place is frozen over so you can skate on the ponds and rivers or just head off over land. This is also a good place to fish and there is a hunt going on for fishing customs and accessories. Quaint shops are clustered in certain areas. Hot chocolate is available too!
Ice skating in Vine is a pleasant experience . The rink is colorfully decorated with trees of varied colors. You wind your way among the trees and by a waterfall,  find cozy places to sit and relax by the fire. There are couples and solo pose balls there that you can take to view the whole rink with little effort or try the trick skating .
My fishing friend, Frosty Muggins, has created a sweet skating rink in the sky that you will love I am sure. It has loads of Christmas decorations from the Corner and. cookies and coco await you. There are free skates and pose balls for skating effortlessly. Nice place to just hang out with a friend and enjoy the quiet with no shops to distract you .
One More for you. This is another sim where you can skate or shop and there is also an advent calendar gives daily gifts. It is the Shortbeach Mall Christmas. Santa has a sleigh on nearby snow. The view is very pretty and the shops lining the walkway also very attractive. Here I tried to stay out of them. You can have a nice skate at this place.
If you find some enticing skating and winter activity places send them to me on a notecard and I will go try them out .I know there are hundreds more out there. The grid is huge!  Have a great time exploring all these regions. 
Gemma Cleanslate

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