Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Greyhaven and Pala Sims

By Gemma Cleanslate
These are two sims that I love to visit for many reasons: The owner works hard to keep both sims drama free at all times. They are the kind of sims where everyone feels welcome. Grey Nacht is the owner and protector of both sims and of them he says,  “Both sims have always been an expression of the fun that SL can be. We keep the lag at a minumum by not having any things that usually create lag on the sims. The fishing platforms, like Clockworks or the Spacestation are made of builds which are either bought, found or hunt prizes and not the usual fishing holes. Makes it fun, if a bit confusing for some folks. Not everyone takes the time to explore, but those who do usually find something interesting.” 
They have been around for a long time and I have been going there for about four years and cannot understand why it took so long for me to write about them. I go fishing there when I have time for the contests that occur almost every day. Grey has so many variations to the fishing contests that others do not have. He watches every catch and counts them and rewards those who reach certain catches with bait. He has built so many cute individual boats that are fun to ride and can be rezzed during the contests. There are many catchable customs available. His wife has made lovely jewelry that is boxed and catchable. After each contest Grey sets off spectacular fireworks that drop falling animals on your head if you are not careful. Makes for a great party. There is a secret room that is filled with free gadgets to be used at other fishing areas. 
There is a library of Arcadia Asylum, now known as Aley that is part of the several libraries set up across the grid to preserve all Arcadia’s creations which are free to anyone who wants them.  The waters are dotted with Arcadia’s underwater decor.There is a skypark where the old retired customs are still available for catching if you are a collector. As you look around the regions there are many areas to explore and  teleports to get you there.  At the Greyhaven entrance you can choose 10 places, including the secret room which is not really that secret. I visited the mill house where I had a wonderful view of Greyhaven. I clicked a cannon across the way and ended up inside so I shot myself out! I first landed in Pala, passing many interesting objects along the way. I visited the giant aquarium, one of the new additions to the region where wonderful creatures sway and swim in the water. There are fishing contests here sometimes too. 

From the entry point at Greyhaven you can walk across a drawbridge to reach Pala, Again you will have an array of destinations to explore. I love the space station (also a fishing place). There are various space vehicles on display. It is fun to explore the corridors along which there is a coffee room and to the right of that, a door that says freebies. Here you will find vendors containing wondrous items by Alety, all for the taking. I picked up a new pirate outfit while I was there. In the coffee break room I ran into three little chattering aliens I had first met at Burn 2 in October. You never know what you will find in space! 
Next I visited the firing range all outfitted for those who enjoy target shooting. Grey has free guns locked in a safe for those who need one and you get to choose your own game. Above the space ship sits the time vault encased in H G Wells book, “The Time Machine.” It is lovely and houses a Nemo Organ. The centerpiece is a  beautiful Time Vortex. My next TP landed me in The Clockworks. Here you will be surrounded by Aley’s (Arcadia Asylum) creations and machines, and a train running round it all. 
I will leave the rest of the TPs for you to try. But, be sure to take a walk around, or fly over and you will find many fantastic places to visit on the ground and in the air. No matter which sim you are in, you will find fishing everywhere. 
Gemma Cleanslate

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