Friday, January 11, 2013

Reader Submitted: Tombstone, Roleplay in the Wild West

By Deesue Parx 
I step off the stage coach, let the dust clear from my eyes and stare down the dirt road. "So this is Tombstone" I think to myself. A man on horseback races by me, and from somewhere I hear a shout "Stop and drop the money now or I'm gonna shoot!" and soon afterwards I hear gun shots. A little too close for comfort. I run for the door of a nearby saloon, my heart racing. "Man down! We need a Doc on Allen Street!!"

What have I got myself into?
Yes, those were my first moments, but after spending just a few short hours in this 8 sim 24/7  roleplay life.. I realized it was that excitement and so much more. It is like stepping out of a time capsule direct into 1899.
The creators of this western wonderland have gone to extreme care to mimic and recreate as much of the buildings, landscape, dress and lifestyle of the time period as possible. Ladies in full length dresses, men in western wear, orphans running barefoot scurrying down the back streets.
It's easy to get a look around..  a short visit to the Greeting Center.. handed a long list of rules that in basic say "Hey! This is 1899.. roleplay is key.. and fun.. there are free clothes right there and as soon as the greeter meets with you and hands you the proper "travelers" tag you can feel yourself.. s..l..o..w.. down.
So many choices. What are you? An outlaw? Lawman? Doc? Maybe a Soiled Dove dancing on the bar top in Dutch Annie's? An Indian from the nearby Apache community? Or maybe just a newlywed couple looking for a quiet ranch to start your family.. all that and more is here waiting for you.
Dances most every day in Broken Rose, Benson, Bisbee, and Black Diamond, fight nights, live shows at the Birdcage Theater, and the courthouse is always hollerin' for jury members. The list is endless and only limited by your imagination.
I came for a visit and never left. It happens to a lot of folks here. I'm in the bunkhouse just past the Moving Picture Theater. Easy to find, just follow the train tracks outta town, past the town of Goldfield. If ya get to Pearce ya went too far.. I'll wave from my front porch as ya go by..
Oh, make sure ya leave town from the right end. The other leads to the Cavalries Fort, Apache land and Outlaw town. If ya go that way, be prepared to run for your life!
Pictures by  Mystic Glenwalker
Deesue Parx

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