Friday, January 18, 2013

Nat's Jazz Club

By Gemma Cleanslate 

 I was enticed  to visit a region by a notice that invited me to view Bona’s “Fine Art in Visual Jazz.” I have seen some of his art at  Monroe Snook’s Studio 33 so was interested. When I arrived I found out that the whole region, Ephesus, was reopening including a primary focus,  “The New Nat’s Jazz Club” in a part of the sim is called Paradise Valley, a historical area of Detroit, Michigan. 

The builder of most of the sim is also the artist, Bonafidenutts ( Bonafide) Aries, known as Bona. The Gallery is across from the new club so I visited there first. The paintings are varied. There are bold, vivid colors in some that flow across the canvas.  In others  there are delicate depictions of musicians and instruments, and some portraits. Bona describes his work as a story that changes from the its inception as he works with various graphic editor tools to the ultimate presentation. You will enjoy working your way through the two floors of art. Outside there is one 3d piece you should not miss  ... a gospel choir I believe. 

Then, turn and gaze across at his new elegant Nat’s Jazz Club build. This is a main reason for the sim and its being. As you enter the Club you will pass more of Bona’s art.  I did get a chance to attend a party there when CECI Dover, a well loved SL singer was performing. Nat’s has a rich history that Linda Sautereau is recreating in Ephesus region. She says, “We've combined the old with the new.....more shops, a bowling alley and snack bar on the ground floor of the 50 Grand Lounge, a beautiful park next door to the NEW Nat's Jazz Club, with more surprises to come!” 

The whole sim is reminiscent of old Detroit and its musical heritage. Detroit has a history of music and musicians that is comparable to the other centers of jazz, like New Orleans, and R&B from Motown  and much more. I found a bike to rezz and took a ride over to the 50 Grand Lounge in the area called Motown Village. I saw the bowling alley and went up to see the Club on the floor above.This is a less formal gathering place for parties and hanging out, reminding one of the times when  the great musicians jammed after hours to the delight of the audience.  

Since the sim is so new I  passed many buildings still under construction. There will be shops to rent and I saw famous name buildings. One of my favorite hair creators is already there. There are also re-creations of houses from the past eras .  You are invited to join the group to keep up with all the events that are coming. I plan to revisit the region again when it is complete to see all the final work. Go visit!

Gemma Cleanslate

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