Friday, March 15, 2013

Tribute City

By Gemma Cleanslate
I have been fishing at the Tribute City sim for a while. At first we fished from the steps of the canal. But now there are three new and interesting venues, a wooded area with ponds, a moon venue,  and a seaside beach. There are also weekly contests where you can just hang out and fish and hope to have the highest points for a prize. The venues are hosted by Johannes 1977, known as John, and he does two fishing contests daily, morning and night.  
I looked around the sim and thought this looks like an interesting place to visit so took some tours around the entertainment and shopping district to see what was there. It was part of the Flying Tigers sims which closed in 2012. Club Capital management, owned by Jessii2009 warhol, (jessii) and Guarocuya Giano, now has  a very pretty sim reminiscent of Venice with lovely canals and walkways. You can hop on a gondola that will take you through the canals, by lovely shops and buildings as the gondelier sings to you, or you can rezz a segway and go around the streets and walkways. 
 There is a lovely church building that is great for newbies. Not only is there a good collection of freebies necessary to start SL properly, but also tutorials to help orient the new arrivals.   Right now there is a Green celebration going on through out the region through March.
There are four clubs for partying : Club Capital, Amelias' Pilot Lounge, Club Nation, and xTreme CT Rock Club. The sim is always busy with visitors and partiers. I attended two parties that were packed and rocking!  There are contests and special activities for the month of March in honor of St Patrick’s day. You will see pots of gold at the end of the rainbows  arching over the main canal.  The green shamrock decorated kiosks along the canal offer clothing from several of the shops and other goodies for sale. I found a gazebo that offered a free shamrock hat for St Pat’s day and also a glass to green beer to wear with it for the 17th. There is a Green Festival Raffle  for 1000L . Look for it in a windowed building near the church facing  the kiosks and the canal or in the clubs. 
I asked Jessii about the sim and she told me “My goal when setting up the sim was to have a nice and friendly place for all residents. I also wanted shopping and clubs where people could enjoy, dance, listen to good music and be away from drama. We do have a newbie area on sim, that has freebies and SL help information. The Torch SL Guide, a blog and inworld help center for newbies, is also located on sim, for newbies who need help and resources.” 
The owners maintain a  wonderful website for Tribute City that will keep you up on all the activities  If you like the sim you can rent there also. Have fun exploring! 
Gemma Cleanslate

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