Friday, July 12, 2013

Sneak Peek at the RFL Track

The Relay For Life Weekend is almost here, and the buiders have been busy at work across the forty-plus sims. I was able to get an early look at the track, and take a few pictures.

 The completed "Sunbeamers" plot at RFL Research, which was written about a couple days ago when mostly complete. Now, the new team's flag has been added, and proudly flies over the exhibit.

Read more about the Sunbeamer plot (here).

Still in RFL Research, at the Breedables plot, with one of the critters playing about before curling up for a nap.

 Just south of the Sunbeamers was "Team Lag's" build, a 50's bowling alley.

Inside, one can do a game of bowling, and stop at the soda joint for ice cream.

To the north was the designer sim RFL Screening, by Photon Pink.

The space had been empty just a couple days earlier. The builders worked fast. As I saw a couple avatars flying around, they might not have been finished.

RFL Spirt was also a designer sim, a forest with lots of lanterns, by Lemondrop.

Well, not just lanterns, but also some noodle bowls.

One corner of the sim had a marina by "Sail For Life." There, one can bid on a boat for charity.

 Or you can take one out into the RFL Reflections water sim.

And where there's water, there's sometimes a lighthouse.

In RFL Strength was the Knights of Avalon plot.

The "Rocky Beer Brigade" plot. The holographic sign says, "Sanctuary Rock proudly presents The Track Into The Future to live long and free of cancer."

The Goreans For Life plot. Somewhat infamous for their community's mature roleplays, the team consistantly ranks among the top fundraisers every year. Their build is made of amusement park rides and wooden ships.

The "Teletus Titans for a Cure" build, the fourth plot in RFL Strength.

A quick trip to the RFL Hope sim in the southeast corner of the track revealed this gearwork build.

To the north in RFL Hero was this exhibit, "Knowledge is the Key."

That's it for now with the Relay plots. If you want to see more, the sims will be open to all members of the Relay For Life Volunteers group tomorrow at 2PM SL time. And after the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow at 10AM, the sims will be open to all for the Relay Walk.

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. I tried to get access to the RFL Research sim but it says that I do not have access to the teleport destination.

    Mitchell Indigo