Saturday, December 19, 2015

Winter Wonderland

By Gemma Cleanslate

Finally, now that the Christmas Expo is over I was able to get to the Winter Wonderland that the Lindens put up for lots of winter fun. To get there, you must start at the Portal Park which is in its wintery Christmas d├ęcor. Walk down the path leading to the portal itself and just jump on in. You will be transported to the lovely whimsical village. 
A big red gift box awaits you in the gazebo in the village square. In the box is a cute snow globe with snowflakes and a howling wind when you click it created by Garden Mole. Take a look at the signage in the village to guide you to the various sites you will want to visit. The snowball arena is sometimes busy with avatars hiding among the rocks and waiting for unsuspecting newcomers or having a full blown snowball fight with the weapons you will find there. At the ice skate arena you will find several pairs of skates of different sizes from which to choose. The Ferris Wheel is very popular with couples and gives a terrific view of the entire land, and the huge snowman that watches over all. 
Another favorite area is the Winter snow track that winds in and out and around the hills and arenas and offer a great track for those who love speeding over the snow on a snowboard that you rezz.  It looks like something left over from construction).  The region windlight offers a glow to everything around and a pleasant environment for your visit. I wonder if the Lindens will be in for a snowball fight? I have to check into that! I did! There will be a gigantic snow ball fight on December 21, Monday, between 10am slt and noon!! Oh I hope I can make it!!!
Before you leave the portal park look around at the other offerings ther . This is where you can start many adventures. Each path from the center leads to some different activity: The Linden Realms, Paleoquest, a social place and more. There are free gifts by several of the paths so look for the boxes. 

Gemma Cleanslate

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