Friday, December 4, 2015

Telrunya and Christmas at the House of Avro

By Gemma Cleanslate

Nessa Zamora (Noralie78 ) has a marvelous seasonal sim called Telrunya which she calls “my expression, my passion, my greatest hobby in SL! It's also a home to me, my family, friends and whomever feels at home here.” In its winter glory with lightly falling drifting snow it is beautiful and welcome to visitors. It is a most relaxing setting with quaint small buildings to visit, a vast glass walled hall for eating and dancing. At the skating pond you will find free skates and some more elegant with a color changing hud for sale.  Grab a hot chocolate and hang out by the fire. As you wander there are other places to dance with your honey or relax by the fire in the lodge. Don’t miss the magical Ice Palace if you are looking for a quiet place to dance. The setting itself is very relaxing and charming  and Nessa suggests trying the region windlight for the best effect. but also suggests trying others. This is a great region for photographers.

Another great place to visit for shopping for any possible item you might need to decorate your region is Christmas at the House of Avro in Christmas Decorations sim. Two regions full of Christmas! It has “ 21 Top Christmas Creators selling festive wares including  Clothing, decorations, furniture and Christmas trees etc, Free gifts Downhill skiing, Ice Skating.” While I was there I took a tour on trolley car number 5. Try it!  I checked out the ice skating rink which has skating balls for singles and couples. Even if you don’t shop you will still have fun in the sims. 

Grab the notecard with easy tp points on it here. -

Gemma Cleanslate

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