Thursday, March 31, 2016

Reader Submitted: Gardens Of Grace

By Alysabelle

Every once in a while you encounter a place or a person that touches your heart (I'll explain how this place has touched and affected me personally later in the article). This dear lady who is the owner of this sim, her name is Aridis Inaka, whom I had a few conversations with. And by the way, at the time she didn't know I was interviewing her for this article but later told her before it was published.

She, without a doubt, put her heart and soul into this place. A true labor of love, I expressed how special it is and she is incredibly humble about her creativity. She has sensitivity for others who have traveled a path that only those who know what it feels like inside. From sadness or loneliness and or just joy of life, she understands you even without any communication simply because if you look around the sim its all for those to see. She is truly a beautiful person inside and an incredibly attentive to detail.

When she first built this sim, she would watch people where they stood. And if they stood in a spot long enough, the next time they re-entered the sim she would have a seating area there for them. She mentioned to me that some people actually noticed: She as well incorporated things that she loved into the sim . This place she created is a gift for others a true selfless gesture . If this sim doesn't touch you as much as it has for m,e then the place hasn't spoken to you as of yet. But I'm sure eventually it will . The name of the sim, which is appropriately called, is "The Garden of Grace." It's a place where you can write , dance , or just ponder and relax the day away alone or with friends or a loved one. It truly has all the same quality of peacefulness that embraces you, wherever you are on the sim. As you walk around, you will certainly find a place to sit on a chair perhaps, or a cushion, a bench or even a swing with that special someone or a friend or alone. What is a bit different then most sims you have a clear view of the sunset or sunrise whatever you prefer to be on either opposite.

Once you teleport here, you will find yourself given on the top right hand corner of your screen two gifts, and a notecard about the rules: One gift is a hug attachment, and the other is a red rose (such sweet gifts). And as you cam down on the ground, there is a gift box of silly items from Aridis Inaka. And surely some would bring a smile, or some laughter. Near the box, you will see a teleporting pad. There are several on sim where it brings you to different locations on sim example: the ballroom the chapel and so on. And there is a group invite to the right.

As you walk down a few steps to a small platform overlooking the sim facing you you will see a few waterfalls and the one to your right if you cam in through the waterfall you will notice a seating area and a roaring fire. Quite creative, who would have thought to put a seating area there? A cute little hidden area if you continue to cam upwards. There is a piano for a small child to play on and a large piano for an adult, and two rocking chairs. A little to the right, you see a few dance balls as you cam upwards, one for a single man and another for a single woman, and a couples crystal tear dance ball. In fact there are crystal tear dance balls tucked here and there across the sim.

Turning completely to the left, you will notice there is a lighthouse, which has been deemed originally a safe haven, a beacon of light for those who are lost. As you enter inside, you have a ladder that you climb to the top that over looks the sim. If you cam up over the top of the lighthouse, you have two pose balls, a resting place. Climbing back down the ladder, or as I prefer jumping off the lighthouse (giggle), you face the front of the light house. As you turn to your left, you as you cross over a bridge, you see a floating log. Clicking on log, you sit, swim, or meditate. And to the right, there is an open umbrella with several animations.

Passing the umbrella as you continue to walk the path, you will come upon Gmoky's, the large bunny with a floppy ear, a bird that is pecking on his ear, and a hugging pose ball . I don't know about you, but sometimes I just want a quiet hug without anyone asking me 'are you okay?' And Gmoky, if you click on him, gives you notecards of advice, from 1 to 18. On this particular day his advice to me was "Don’t fry bacon in the nude." *LaughingOutLoud* Winks! Well, that's a given! *grins*.

As you jump off Gmoky's hug and continue walking through the forest, to your left you will see a treehouse. As you continue walking, as you cam up there is a hot air balloon where a couple can dance or float away on a smaller balloon. Back on the ground, you will notice cuddle blankets or logs, until you come upon to the left tai chi and meditation cushions, and further out 4 seating area with a fireplace. To the right there are two small bridges crossing over. To the bridge, you will notice the waterfall and a seating area facing the waterfall. As you cam up, you will notice the little church where you can actually elope. On the right side of the church you will notice "Cica's Cafe Romance 2." Click-sit on the chair while the butterflies are flapping overhead. In other words, it's interactive, and you are part of the painting. Eventually as you continue to walk through the path, you will notice a houseboat. At the very top of the boat there is a table and chairs. Perhaps a small romantic dinner for two?

Then as you continue to walk, you will arrive to small memorial garden of people who have passed away and those who memorialize them. Is it depressing? No, it's a touching expression. It's also a moment of personal reflection, a time spend with memories that surround you. One may wonder why? Why not in real life? Why here? Well if you're here in Second Life or real life, it doesn't matter, It's all the same. Who is behind the avatar but you? And sometimes a person can't get to someone's resting place in real life, or they couldn't afford to have one. There are many various reason. But ultimately they decided to place a memorial here. And to embrace that feeling this way, it's actually intently beautiful. I have personally been touched that way by this little corner of the sim. I often come here and think about the loved ones in my real life. And when I glance to my right and see the lighthouse, it truly is a beacon of light for those who are now home, and for those like me who feel lost at times to feel safe.

There are countless other things I haven't mention, so please explore the sim. She also has a way of changing it up a little, adding and removing certain elements to the sim. You will notice all her little touches.

Aria mentioned to me that she doesn't understand how this place has helped so many people, even as far as into their real lives, she said. Well, to me it's simple. Who but the person that created this sim for all those who at times are like me. who enter when emotions arise and engulf you, and you just happen to turn and look at the lighthouse with its beacon of light shining a path, that light. Aridis welcomes you. YOU welcome us all home .

And how do I thank you Aria, but in the only way i know how. Thank you Aridis Inaka from the bottom of my heart to yours for creating a safe haven for everyone. My quest and hope was to do justice writing about this sim because somewhere along the way and with all it's personal touches, it has moved me so much so enough to the point I have taken the time to reflect and write about it. And take very care about this beautiful place.

Cloud Nine (128, 127, 33)

Thank you,

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