Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Amazon River- Eight Regions, One River!

By Britty Bee
Deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest lies the Amazon River. This River is the largest by discharge in the world and is also the longest. The Amazon River sim transports you back to a primitive time where working with nature is essential for survival.
The Amazon River is home to a large role play community which includes several tribes, groups such as Bandits and Raiders, and several individuals that keep to themselves in the wild. KellyLee123 states, “We have natives of many tribes that all live together, working together to survive the wild Jungle.” After joining the group, the HUD paired with this sim provides an immersive experience. This provides transportation to various locations in the sim, change your appearance, your health stats, and food to keep your energy up. Threats lie all throughout the jungle, with fierce wildlife that will attack! There are crocodiles lurking at the edge of the river, and snakes hiding in the tall grass. Danger can find you at any given moment! Survival in the Amazon is very realistic, giving you the full Amazon experience.
The jungle is filled with treehouses, teepees, and huts to seek shelter on those warm nights. Row down the river or hike through the trails to take in the stunning scenery. Head over to the wisdom caves to test your skill; few make it out! According to legend, the Mouthpiece of the Gods, in the temple near the Wisdom Cave, gives you a way to communicate with The Creators! Climb the top of the tower for stunning views of the sim, relax in a hammock, face an active volcano, or explore the creaky bridges and hidden trails.
Will you brave the Amazon?

Britty Bee

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