Wednesday, October 18, 2017

More Travels In The Haunted Realms - Halloween Places Part Two

By Gemma Cleanslate

One visit you must put on your list is to the “Scare Me Silly” event in Water Haven. This is an event to raise money for the Team Diabetes in Second Life. There is a marvelous haunted house to visit if you can make your way past all the frightening creatures hanging around. I checked out  the Contagion ride and the ferris wheel. The kiosks offer many outfits, decorations and accessories for your pleasure. It is a worthy cause and a Halloween spot not to be missed. Check out all the events being held until the 31of October  There is an evil pumpkin hunt going on there too with cute prizes. Get started here .

”I'm Cordie, your dead guide for the hunt! Enclosed in this notecard is an explanation of how the hunt works and a hint notecard. There are prizes that I made and a prize from MAD Designs. I hope you enjoy the hunt as much as I did making it!” This from the notecard I grabbed at the entrance at Whymsee. The notecard makes it so easy to get going in the region. A very polite skeleton took off his hat to welcome me. 

I took a green blanket coffin guided tour of the sim and learned all that was offered. It is a great way to see and hear all about the offerings  and I recommend it !Three haunted houses wait for your visit, A spooky house ride, several gazebos and the cemetery too, There are games and rides in the town and if you want to stay, a motel. Enjoy! This is one I will revisit for sure.  

Mountain Rose is delightful though spooky. It is not easy to take a picture of a ghost but I tried. Get a hud to find the 12 pumpkins in the maze, and wear your flashlight. Make sure you bring a friend to try the pumpkin bumper cars.  This is small compared to some of the other venues but deserves a visit and is fun!

There is a two tier scary place at Pal Park. One is “family friendly” and the other more of  an apocalyptic area that is truly frightening. To reach the first just walk out the door surrounded by bats and get into the playful activities. Visit the homes, camp next to the cemetery with Dracula, picnic with skeletons. I enjoyed that! Some strange creatures stay here. 

To get to the apocalyptic land, TP, but beware. This is not for squeamish people. Those who love gore and disaster are going to love it! However, you will have a chance to visit heaven and hell. Visit both then you can decide. This region took a lot of thought and work and is worth it. Skip the forbidden fruit if you want to skip hell. There is a chance to repent if you do get to hell. I think the worst is the area of decision.

Nancy Clowes has a marvelous Halloween site. I have been going there for years and it is great fun. “FUN FREE FOUR MAJOR Builds - Insane Asylum  50s Thrill Ride  ZOMBIE HUNTING  tribute Disney THE HAUNTED MANSION GCS zombies two scary haunted houses, three Carnival AMUSEMENT PARK Rides plus horror EVIL DEAD midnight mania PIRATES hunt GREEDY Oculus Halloween shops “They are all reached from the landing point. My aim was The Haunted Mansion. This house has an unnerving entry way where you see your own tombstone and awaken the spirits yourself and are a “foolish mortal” for doing so. Listen for directions once you get inside.Then sit and try to enjoy yourself (lol)! This ride will take a while so plan ahead. I would recommend a friend go along for the tour with you . The commentator gives you a lot to think about along the way.  

Seen along the way....

There have been 1900 visitors here since the first of October. Try the scary rides at the other entrance while you are there. I did the great pumpkin drop!

Get started at your own risk here. Keep your hands inside the car!

Look for more if I can do them!! Getting pumpkined out!

Gemma Cleanslate 

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