Saturday, June 23, 2018

SL15B: Another Whole Week To Go

By Gemma Cleanslate

Another excursion in the SL15B regions took me to some builds that are linked together in memories. My first stop was to the Virtual Ability site erected by Eme Capalini where I ran into Gentle Heron also admiring the build. There are pictures of members with their own stories and involvement in Second Life .

Pictures of the numerous activities you will find in Virtual Ability sim tell the story of their involvement. I was happy to see my late friend Ladyslipper and a poignant reminder of her full SL life there . The notecards are in the pictures .

While there I was invited to visit Friends of Virtual Ability. The landmarks were at the parcel. My tp took me to the Non Profits parcel.

“Nonprofit Commons connects communities for social good through education, networking, and collaboration. Like a crystal’s lattice structure, it is immensely strong, reflective, transparent, and a conductor of electricity and information.“

Here you see all that the Non Profits do in Second Life. If you have never been to their Commons in SL put it on your list. While at this parcel you can watch a video of their mission.

Leaving there I visited another Friend, Whole Brain Health, Reflections on Our Evolution. “Whole Brain Health’s home is Inspiration Island. We offer holistic brain training based on 5 pillars of well-being. “ I have toured the home site and highly recommend anyone to go over to visit. While on this parcel make sure you get to see the three levels that show their history in Second Life and the work they do. There is a handy teleport to aid you .

I dropped down at the Etopia- eco communities parcel which is new to me and I plan to visit and discover Etopia in Second Life. The build is representative of the sustainable communities and has maps of their regions and loads of information from the “people” manning the parcel.

Pick up a free bamboo bike while you are there. Go visit this interesting build.

The Crystal Cathedral is the lovely build of the Community Virtual Library. This offers you information on the resources available to anyone in the virtual worlds. Relax in the building and check out the missive connections on the website links. Great place to take a break  and just sit and rummage among the books and catalogs..

While you are at the Cathedral turn around and see the build of London City featuring the royal wedding(s) !

Remember the Big Hunt! As you move around look for the magnifying glass that indicates a participant and look for those little crystals.

Gemma Cleanslate

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