Monday, June 25, 2018


By Deaflegacy

I Heard about the Trotsdale sim, which is part of a community of pony fans in Second Life. I went there to look around and talk to a few people. I was lucky to be able to get an interview with DC the cyBerfoxy (death.berger), one of the people who help out there. 

 When I asked DC about how to describe Trotsdale, she has this to say, “Trotsdale is a 'My Little Pony' themed estate featuring live events, streamed media, fun parties, and of course ponies! It is a land filled to the brim with all manner of fun things to see and do, and ponies to meet!” She explained some of the story behind the place, “Trotsdale came to life on the day of season two of 'My Little Pony' had premiere. That was September 17, 2011. The sim had a completely different design back then and got also a bunch of sims added to it: Trotsdale Heights and Trotsdale West.”

“The community, we wouldn't be where we are now without them,” DC answered when asked about the best part of Trotsdale Town Square.

We went deeper into the conversation, especially when it comes to welcoming people to Trotsdale. “Of course, we are welcoming everyone that looks for a chill, family friendly pony experience," DC told me, "We are also pretty much left alone by griefers and those that do make their way to us usually don't stay very long.”

I asked DC about her role in Tortsdale and she replied, “I'm co-owner of Trotsdale alongside of Michi Lumin, who also runs Luskwood. We often have crossover events and both communities work very close together. Its important to us that everyone feels welcome, ponies, furries, humans, tinies and other kinds of avatars. Also, I handle the rental and get sure the sim gets paid (smile).”

I was also lucky to get a tour of Trotsdale by DC after she changed into her pony avatar. I'm about to show you pictures of places all over Trotsdale. Please enjoy the pictures and the captions. The captions, by the way, were done by DC  in her own words. 

"This is the Trotsdale square (the sim is just trotsdale) its the main social area. We have soccer balls laying around, a 'Greedy' table, the doll giver that gives out a random pony doll every 12 hours.
'Sparkle,' 'Tetris,' and 'Duck Hunt' in the corner. A word guessing game, and a blackjack game."

"The moon canon is the best part of Trotsdale Square."  The moon canon got DC the cyBerfoxy (death.berger) and me on the moon.

"The town hall, people can grab their first pony avatar here as well as freebies for it."

"The sandbox. It's group access only to prevent griefing. It's run by LeHarfang."

"Stagbucks is run by Skye and used for movie nights."

"We have a StarGate too (smile). The stargate network went back on I think a year ago, so we put it back out (smile)."

"The library. For more info, ask Amehama."

"This is Radio:Active, our club area (smile)."

"The theatre, where we watch new episodes of 'My Little Pony' live when they air. Every other week on Wednesday we run 'Primtionary' here. It's always one week here and one week in Luskwood. Frogg and jay also have regular concerts here (smile)."

"Our cave system(smile). It has three entries if i remember right."

"Our changeling hive."

"The marketplace, self-explanatory (grin)."

"The pool, it has prim water that's compatible with swimmer huds and has also a working water slide.
It's currently a little under construction, we recently moved it here."

"Click the sign, it will give you a hud, wear it and walk through the portal (and click whitelist).
Thats the teleport hub, you can get to the library, the square, the theatre, or to Derpyland, pony town and of course Luskwood."

"The radio tower, its used for our ban system: trustlink, there are all the magic thingies on it that lets it communicate with the other sims in the system."

"(I asked about the sign. DC the cyBerfoxy (death.berger) said that the sign is in the front parcel. The radio tower is in the back)"

"And last but not least, the museum."

Before I forget, the landmark for Trotsdale Town Square is

We started talking about the residential rent. According to DC, there are 14 empty spots for people who are interested in renting a residential at Trotsdale. The price is good - the price is 1.85L$ per prim with an average parcel size of 250 prims. Right now, there are 16 renters renting the residential spaces. For anyone interested in renting the residential rent at Trotsdale, they can pay for 3 weeks and get 1 week free.

We also started talking about the commercial rent. When asked about the commercial rental, DC  replied that they have 29 stores available and 21 are rented. From the look of the marketplace, it looks really good.

Before I finish this article, many thanks to DC the cyBerfoxy (death.berger) for showing me around Trotsdale and sharing the details with me as well.


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  1. I love that the brony and furry communities are so intertwined in SL. It can be a little tough being both a brony and a furry as there are people in both fandoms who dislike anyone from the other. Michi and everyone at Luskwood are some of the kindest people I know and so far everyone in Trotsdale has been super friendly. I'm so grateful for both communities.