Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Cape Florida

By Gemma Cleanslate

After all my winter visits to snowy cold places, I needed a short vacation in Second Life in a warm site. I was lucky enough to find a perfect region. This sim is the replica of a place I would enjoy seeing in real life right about now, Cape Florida State Park. In real life it offers all the enjoyment of beach and tropical foliage with boardwalks and trails to traverse.

 As soon as I landed at the SL Cape Florida I felt the lushness of the region. The beautiful vibrant flowers and palms everywhere relaxed me immediately. Right at the entrance, there is a teleport column giving you venues to visit. Since the famed Lighthouse was right there I climbed the spiral stairs to the top to get a view of the whole region.

Then I decided to visit the nearby beach where there are mats and towels . There were several people enjoying the sand and water. I found a nice shower to get off all the salt before I went to explore more. I stopped at an ice cream truck for a sweet treat. As I walked back into the palms along the boardwalk I saw several gazebos, pergolas , picnic areas with food on the table and dance balls for  couples  to visit , dance and talk.

I arrived at the impressive Club House. The ground floor has a welcome desk with a group inviter, a small lounge area and a shop, Apotheosis. I sat on a couch which was over a glass aquarium with numerous species of fish to observe.  Then I climbed the stairs where I found several areas: a bar , a lounge with an enormous TV and a great pool table ,and, in the final room a lavish buffet . I definitely stopped there to check out the food. In spite of the ice cream I was hungry after the time at the beach. Huge choice!

The next floor had another bar and a club atmosphere where events are often held according to the board. This floor has a large glassed floor with another aquarium below.The shows here include live singers, djs, tribute acts and more to come. I know they are looking for more acts and hosts. You can contact Chloe (ChloeElizabethGrace Resident), or Jackstir Resident, co-managers of the Club.

I asked the owner Teren Silverheart (Terenglen Resident), who is a Floridian, how long he had this region. “ this sim has been here since around September of last year. Previously I had a full sim I leased but  found it too restrictive and it did not allow me to have the landscaping I wanted. We allow people to rez here within reason if they are a group member and we hold concerts on the beach. The whole point of this is to have created a place that others can enjoy . “  Set aside a day to take a trip to this enjoyable site.

Gemma Cleanslate

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