Monday, February 11, 2019

Valentine Town and Isle of View

By Gemma Cleanslate and Deaflegacy

Valentine day is approaching quickly. Sweethearts are looking for gifts and places to visit before or on that day to be ready. I  took a look to see places where one could find everything you want . My first visit was to Valentine Town that is the creation of Laura Liberty of Townies.

Laura stays on top of the holidays that people love to celebrate. To not miss all her offerings join the Townies group.

What a sweet and lovely venue Valentine Town is. The cute shops are so filled with anything and everything you could wish for. The clothing goes from cute and funny to gorgeous gowns in the Valentine mode but can be worn anywhere at any time.

Across the way the other shops have all kinds of decor and even dinner tables for the special romantic dinner. Candy boxes , cakes and other treats. Bouquets and cards..and banners to carpets. How about  a hot air balloon to take a long ride over the grid. It is all there and so much more! Go see.  As in the Christmas village there is the Make your own card offering with directions

For enjoyment and entertainment there is a delightful dance floor with dance balls.  For the crowning glory there is a Tunnel of Love. Settle into the boat with your honey and glide through the tunnels and around the region on the canal.  I ran into greenbeangirl and tina (tanyja Resident) co managers of the sim for Laura hanging out at the entrance to the Tunnel . There is a cute heart dartboard backpack  gift for the members of Townies. Plan an early visit to pick up your decor and clothing to be ready for the special day.

One place you will love to visit and spend time roaming and taking pictures is the Isle of View. Bixyl told you about the history.  I took a trip over to check that it is ready and landed at the Love Pavilion. That is ready. Gifts are available for delivery just follow the directions . There are little Hugging booths for photos.

I spied a dunking booth. It looks like perhaps there will be a dunking going on .. perhaps with some Lindens sitting above the water,, We shall see. I tried to take a walk around the lovely grounds but not sure the whole island is open yet.because I landed at home!

There is a long canal that I think will have a swan boat if I remember correctly. Well one can get to the pavilion right now at least .. Sent that gift!

Gemma Cleanslate

*  *  *  *  *

When I arrived at the landing point,, I found out that I arrived at a heart shaped landing point.  It is beautiful.  My next step is to go to the town, which is what I did.

I went down to the bridge, and saw a gorgeous town nearly right away.  It is colorful, and full of different houses.  I took a look around, and was impressed by what's in the houses.  What's in the houses would be a store in houses that are linked together.  You would go in one house and go to the other house through an entrance in the wall in the house.

But that's not all.  That's not what I'm really here for.  I went across the bridge again, and down to the heart shaped landing point.  I saw another building, and boats coming out it.  This must be the love boat that I'd like to try, I thought.  So I went to the building.  I got in the boat, and the trip got started.

Wow!  I'm not going to spill any detail because I don't want to give it away.  I'd like you to give it a try, by yourself or with someone, because the trip is amazing!  Every minute I spent in the boat, I did not regret it.  At one point, it took my breath away.  Wow!

For any one of you who would like to visit Valentine's Town, I would encourage you to go visit that amazing place.  The houses are gorgeous, the trip on the love boat is amazing, and so much more.  Why not give it a try?


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