Friday, March 29, 2019

"Spring Awakenings" at Ce Soir Arts

By Gemma Cleanslate

Ce Soir sent out a notice that there is a new exhibit with a variety of artists showing their works. As usual I missed the opening party but went over to see the exhibit. It was my first time in the sim so I spent time wandering around looking structures all over the region. It is a delightful region where  there is so much art in many forms .

The builds range from small enclosures just for relaxing and chatting to a lovely large chateau for events and outdoor parcels for smaller events. As you wander hop into a scene on one of the interactive structures for pictures if you like.

From their website , for this time of year ...“ The spring season is our primary inspiration, but artists have been invited to explore the meaning of AWAKENINGS for themselves. What inspires, what moves the spirit? What opens the mind and broadens the horizons? What shakes one free from the doldrums that sometimes come from a long winter - or other darker time? Consider all - and express it artistically, using a range of media. Enjoy SPRING AWAKENINGS at Ce Soir Arts! “

The list of exhibitors is extensive but notecards about the artist can be found near their particular exhibit. I recognized some of them but found  newer artists that I have not seen exhibiting. I counted 22 artists  showing so it is well worth a long walk around the pleasant paths.  I found two machinima links along the road , one very thougthful by my friend Secret Rage that you can see here .

and the other charming by Terramerhyem   .

 I was having trouble with that one and Mimi (MimiMusette Resident), an assistant on the sim came to help. Don’t miss the lovely poetry as you move along the trails. There will be much to see on your walk.

While I was in the sim there was an event going on at the Magic Tree Reading spot where RUSSELL EPONYM, Poet Laureate of the sim and  the “ Music Whisperer”, was entertaining the group with his music , most of which are story songs , many of his own.

The owner of the sim, Mirielle Jenvieve, was hosting. You will see some of her lovely art around the sim. She is responsible for all the beauty you can enjoy in the sim. There is  no group to join but there is a subscribo near the Magic Tree Reading Spot . You will land there . I shall be returning.

Gemma Cleanslate

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