Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Easter Town

By Gemma Cleanslate

Hooray ! Easter Town is open. Laura Liberty has recreated her cute little town with all the fun activities again this year.  Just landing there is a burst of spring with all that goes with it. Right away it feels like Easter .Across the bridge the band is playing and the Peeps race track is ready and waiting for you .Be careful! If you want a good overview of the whole town take a balloon ride. This is not a typical balloon ride so hang on which ever way you want.

There is a fun Easter egg coloring contest going on with a place to work on your egg and then send it off for placement on the judging stand. There are rules so get the notecard that explains all. The top winner gets 1000 L. There are several categories with other  L prizes to try for. The total winnings are 4000L so take a chance!

Do you need anything for Easter decor? If so this is the place to look. All the food decor dispenses food. There are garlands , arches,  lots of bunnies, balloons and so much more. The clothing ranges from very casual to formal. Along the walk by the way, you will find gachas too.  Do not miss the free bunny hopper ! There are several ways to get around and I try a few but choose to walk,

My favorite part of Easter town is taking a picture with the Easter Bunny.Look for her. This is not the cute little Easter bunny that quietly hops around mind you .This is Tina (tanyja Resident)!

 Fun interactive builds are all over the region just look for them as you walk around . This is a wonderful place to take photos . Here I am after gorging on chocolate with the burping bunny. Yum .

There is a hunt going on so look for Easter eggs hidden everywhere. Townies group members get some special eggs so consider joining the group. That way you can keep an eye on the other towns that appear during the year. They are all great fun. Halloween is the next one .. a long wait! This Town will be here until the 22nd. Go immerse yourselves in Easter.

Gemma Cleanslate

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