Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bellisseria: The New Linden Homes Continent

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have been visiting the new continent to roam around the roads, view the parks and swimming pools and beaches. The area I visited is all settled . It only took 48 hours to fill up!

The houses are new designs and reminiscent of the east coast towns in the USA to me. I checked them out .

Actually,though charming,  they are not appealing to me. My house in Thorstar is a condo and open ,  not too big or too small  and sits on a mainland island facing the waterway. I have lived here for 10 years. as a renter.

I find these houses have too many walls, stairs and the rooms to me are confining. I checked out all the types . They are lovely and I know many could not wait to move in. I think hundreds are still waiting!

However . though some say they are small, I love the houseboats!  So I am waiting for one now.
I packed up all my furniture and abandoned my linden home in Padgett. According to the Second Life Community Linden Homes forum  discussion and the blog  we are all watching for the opening of the new area which has so many houseboats with slips for boats. Every day we watch and wait. Patch Linden says the moles and LDPW are hard at work for the next opening

My friend Evola Courtois already has a houseboat and Cali Courtois (Caliba Sassower) , his partner is getting one also. He sent me over to a small island where I could see all the houseboats being prepared in the new site to open .

I met a new friend ,Kἷќἷ Ðĩνĩπĩէу (KiKiDivinity Resident) sitting on a rock gazing out over the water. She already has a home there and is active in the police department. My friends Evola and Caliba came along in a boat. I decided to rezz a boat and take kiki for a ride . It started well but I passed the bouy and that was a nono. We ended up in the water where kiki told me that the bouy was the stopping point and she was trying to warn me. Ah well. Next time I will know better!

 I will let you know what happens with the new home. By the time this is published may already have it! Patch Linden  just posted that they expect the houseboats to be available in 24 hours!  If you want to take a look this will take you to the island  where you can put your draw line out to see the new docks .

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Gemma Cleanslate

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