Monday, July 15, 2019

Cats Museum

By Gemma Cleanslate

I am a lover of cats. I have had many in real life  but never more than two at a time. When I met the owner of the Cats Museum in second life , Selena Alexandre, she  told me she has eight! In second life I have two cats, one in my home in Thorstar, Puffin,  and one on my houseboat, Houseboat Hannah. Hannah likes to go swimming once in a while and I have to look for her under the Houseboat.

This is what drew me to visit the Cats Museum. What a charming place. The garden where the building is has many beautiful plants and statuary. The garden itself is worth a visit, great place to relax . I expected to find some live cats but Selena reminded me that plants can be dangerous to kitties and kitties can be dangerous to flowers.

Inside the door it is everything cat! Anything you want to learn about these independent creatures  you can. The walls are covered with information about different species of cat. One wall is dedicated to famous cats. There are notecards in both Spanish and English to help you . In one room is a list of all the good and toxic plants for cats.

 The  upper floor has a gift shop with  decorative paintings of cats for sale. One can watch a video about cats and their ancestors too up there.  The other room has photographs of real life pets and  is ready for more photographs of real life cats from those who would like to contribute to the museum.

Make sure before you leave you sign the guest book and you can read all the cute submissions so far too if you like....”I LOVE your museum. The thought that went into it and what you chose to display is puurfect ;) Thank you so much for creating it! ‘.....” never knew something like this even existed online, or in real life until a friend of mine told me about it.. “ and so many more.

Selena is looking forward to the one year anniversary of the Museum in August . About the submission of real life cats for the wall she said,    “yes, the museum is dedicated to real cats , so i thought that maybe some people would like to have their  real-life cat represented here, for the ones who love cats that room upstairs is kind of a relaxation one” . So if you want your kitty on the museum wall send her the darling’s picture. Selena is a well known DJ and  fashionista in sl and you can find out more about her at her website blog, 

Go take a look even if you are not a cat fan it is enticing and a lovely place to visit.

Found this cutie shivering on the window sill upstairs.

Gemma Cleanslate

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  1. Looks wonderful! Thanks for the cute article, Im off to rescue the shivering mouse :) *teleports*