Monday, July 29, 2019

Update on Bellisserria

By Gemma Cleanslate

Now that the SL16B is a pleasant memory and things have quieted down for the summer doldrums there is still a hot place in sl and that is the new continent of Bellisserria. The moles are back at work feverishly trying to fulfill the dreams of those who want to move there .

I got a chance to watch Abnor Mole as he rolled out some new homes on streets in a sim to be released soon.

I roamed the Raccoon Run just after it opened and met and greeted some new residents as they claimed their homes and started decorating immediately. It is fun to watch them  choose their home then change it to a different model. Some start with the yard and some start inside .

Some residents have decided to use their property differently by creating an office , art gallery, or other use. The waters of some of the houseboats have been transformed completely . I visited the Buddhist Center in back of one. It is very lovely.

I stopped at a tea house with a gazebo overlooking the water .

Here I am in Giulio Marchetti coffee shop waiting in line for my expresso .

There are several houseboats that contain mer hang out places in their water area and also inside the houseboat!

There are several active groups already , so active I hardly ever arrive in sl without an immediate ding from one or more of them. There is alway conversation going on about the camaraderie that is so evident among all the new residents and even many who are still waiting to get their homes or houseboat.

In one conversation I learned that Razarstone  has been camped out in Guppy waiting for a houseboat. I went over to check out the sim and the camp and there he was resting in his tent on top one of the empty houseboats. Razor shared a video he had made of his wait that you can see here : .

RazarStone Resident had a motto “Never give up...never surrender (laugh)” 

 He is one of many people waiting for either homes or houseboats , or holding off for a camp trailer displayed at the SL16B. Many commiserate in the groups and are consoled and urged to be patient by those who have successfully settled on the new continent after their wait.

They should see the moles working so hard to get them in soon.

Gemma Cleanslate

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