Monday, September 23, 2019

Five Fun Places in Second Life

By Cyfir

Second life is full of great places to explore and have fun. Below I have compiled five such places that I have discovered over the years. Whether you’re bored, want to explore, or want to take that special someone on a date, one of these sims could be just the experience that you were looking for.

Kowloon's Gate Reborn

This is a Japanese/Chinese themed sim with tons of crazy things to discover for those who love to explore. There are also plenty of shops with very unique avatars and mods as well as entertainment venues. This sim was created by the Japanese PlayStation game maker Kouki Inoue who created a game on the original PlayStation of the same name. Go here if you want a unique experience.

Pixel Hills

A video game inspired sim featuring a sandbox and a mall. There are also plenty of classic video game related experiences to discover that will tickle your nostalgia bones.

Memento Mori

A very abstract experience created by a Japanese music duo. There’s not much else to say here. It’s pretty. Great place to feel like you’re in a dream.

Winter Moon

Speaking of dreams, this next sim looks like mine. This sim is absolutely beautiful and a perfect place to take someone on a date. Want to chill out and get away from everything in a peaceful setting? This sim is the perfect place for that as well.

Disney Tribute

Want to go to Disneyland but don’t have the money to? Take a walk down Main St. in this loving recreation of the historic park. There are rides, shops, and plenty to explore, which is nearly like the real thing. There’s even a monorail!


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