Friday, October 18, 2019

Halloween Town And Moochies

By Gemma Cleanslate

Laura Liberty has opened her Halloween Town until the end of October. This is one of my creepy favorites. Her little town is full of quaint facades of shops and inside there are everything you can think of for decor from pumpkins to skeletons, food,  to fun outfits . It is all so enticing too.
Take a walk through all the rooms of the huge shops and look .

The skeleton area is terrific. The mask offerings are great for the variety that are offered for different personalities. The wonderful Pumpkin contest with a total of 3000L  prizes is there again. Click the display area for the rules. You can use your creative juices to fashion your pumpkins or start with some help. .

I found my friend Tina  who is an assistant to Laura and land manager dancing among the gachas. Why she was wearing her Santa cap? I don’t know but may have been practicing for for her role at the Christmas town.

And , at the bottom of the road is one of the best scary houses in Second Life. It is a good idea to bring along a friend to hang onto as you progress through the house. What you are going to experience is a stroll through popular horror movies etched in your memory . Get ready!!! I have gone through at least four times in the past and still find new experiences .

Have fun! You need time to do it all..

After leaving Halloween Town I stopped over at Moochies. Get the notecard and map at the entrance. This was a new place to me and I enjoyed walking among the trees finding little private relaxing areas for friends to sit and relax.......“Among the treacherous trees, the mouldering mist, the rattling ruins and the wretched wailing winds, there are creepy corners and secluded shadows waiting for those who dare to venture into the darkness.  Halloween has arrived...”

 If you use the windlight of the region  you will really feel the shadows.....and more. I suggest using both region and another windlight because the woods and paths are gorgeous with the autumn colors and to find the little corners in the woods to sit and relax with your friends.

If you love fingernails there is a hunt going on for nails. Pick up the notecard with the hints on it to find all the items you are looking for along the route shown on the map.

I stopped for a corndog at the riverside. It is well worth the visit .. follow the firelights.

Gemma Cleanslate

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