Monday, April 6, 2020

Bell Weather

Gemma Cleanslate

courtesy of  Achilles Audion

What a day on the Bellisseria continent!  First of all ,I arrived at my houseboat just to change outfits and check all my notices . I really planned to leave after that to get to real-life work. However!! Immediately the Citizens chat erupted with exclamations!

“That Cloud is very dark”
“ snowing!! woohoo”
“there is rolling something over the street Oo
““weather is so crazy I don't know what to wear >”

courtesy of  Achilles Audion

I stepped outside my houseboat and looked at the beautiful clouds drifting over and noticed the sound of wind.Sure enough those lovely clouds were spawning twisters. Weather has arrived on Bellisseria in all the regions. I quickly closed my sliding doors to the porch .

I flew over the the land regions to see how it was there. Sure enough weather changing constantly everywhere . And then.I saw a crowd gathering and  the usually busy quiet working Moles began to act up. They were riding giant rats down some streets causing chaos, throwing cows around, lighting people on fire. It turned into a riot. Suddenly they all disappeared one yelling out, “come find us.”

I did find them hanging around the base of a tall mountain in a region devoid of homes. As we stood there I saw that this is a volcano. This became the playground for the moles and more and more residents showed up to join in the fun. Lots of moles!  Adora, Alotta, Chronos, Sleepy, Frost, Lulabell, Moonstruck, Maximus , Ancient, and a new one to me, Glowing Mole all having a terrific April Fool's Day. Well, eruptions of volcanoes can be fun. I saw one brave protester, Rachel,  standing at the rim of the volcano holding a sign, looking for log homes. Avatars settled on the surface of the lava  when it was not erupting and the joviality went on for quite a long time.

Suddenly the chat erupted again. Patch issued a message that finally the log cabins were ready for release. All those who had abandoned their homes and were waiting for release it was a near riot. Many of us followed Squeaky Mole over to the edge of a region with emptiness before us Then a new region appeared and we ran across it with her to the next region where we found the new Log homes in exquisite landscaping. It was a thrill to finally see them not as a demo but available in huge numbers to those waiting for them. I brought out my horse and took a ride on the dirt roads that wind through the regions . The are perfect for horse back riding. I took out my golf cart and it was good to take a spin not putting grooves in the manicured lawns of the Victorians. There is a great choice of homes to chose from.

It was a fun and exhausting day on April 1 on Bellisseria. Today the weather has calmed down and peace has returned .. until next time.

Gemma Cleanslate

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