Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Tiny Yosemite

By Gemma Cleanslate

When Jadyn Firehawk sorted all the free items she set out for comfort in her popup store (story link), she realized that more than 200 members of the Yosemite Group had remained steady all this time since the regions were taken down last year. I guess this brought back so many wonderful memories of the old  Little Yosemite .

Nostalgia brought into being her latest endeavor and she sent out this notice, “Hi Everyone! I'm SOOOO excited to announce that Yosemite is back! It's a new and different incarnation ... It's Tiny Yosemite! You'll find that it captures the look and feel of the real Yosemite National Park. Come and see for yourself. It's the biggest little place in SL. See you in Yosemite!”

Fleegle Mumblewood was relaxing on a rock ledge by the beautiful falls when I arrived. As you come in look all around at the wonderful tall mountains and trees.The glistening falls bring rushing water over the rocks below that is so clear and lovely. Pick up the knapsack by the sign so you will have all the goodies you will need for a comfortable stay.

There are several camping sites for daily rental and they were all filled up at a very inexpensive price. I sat down by the fire at one of them and had a cup of coffee since it was available.

 Jadyn has placed a lovely fireplace with comfy chairs and books by Muir on table . Near  by is a lovely dining area all set for a party. It is a great place to invite guests to join you at the table.

Behind the OWL Camp site you will find a rock climbing area that takes you up to the top of the mountains. Take a walk around the perimeter .. it is fun to look down over the whole site. It may be tiny but the memories and spirit  of the old Little Yosemite are there and it is a relaxing place to visit especially in this time of stress in the world. I know all the members of the group are thrilled and bringing friends to visit too.

Gemma Cleanslate

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