Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SL8 Fantasy and More

SL8 has something for everyone: art, education, music, and fantasy. I saw so many great exhibits over the weekend that it was hard to pick which ones to write about first.

Since I love animals, I’ll start with the Tropical Creation exhibit located at Tropical Creations Interactive D, SL8B Spectacular (38, 60, 21). Here you can swim with the dolphins. Different poses are available for you, and they are all fun. In addition to being tame, the two dolphins are very talented. After they perform tricks, you can reward them with fish from the bucket. This exhibit is paws-down my favorite place. I kept returning to ride the dolphins and gave the LM to friends.

After indulging one of my fantasies, I took a nostalgic look at one of my RL childhood memories. I grew up on a farm, and going to the fair was the end-of-summer treat. The Virtual State Fair is so real I kept looking out for cow patties. You can find it at Virtual State Fair at Dazzle - 28, SL8B Dazzle (146, 65, 21). Every fall there is a huge SL Virtual State Fair, and this exhibit gives you a little taste of what you can find there.

Farms and farmers are important to anyone who eats, and the Virtual State Fair creators did a good job of balancing fun with facts. A hot buttered corn stand gives you fresh corn on the cob to eat. Gertrude the cow is a bit static, but cute. There are a few rides and games for the kids, and educational Extension exhibits for the grown-ups.

In addition to fun, this exhibit has an educational multi-media presentation on organic gardening and another one on honey bees. The bee hive opens up, too, for anyone who has never seen inside. There’s a few bees buzzing around, but they won’t sting. On the serious side, there is information about a real-life bee issue, colony collapse.

There are many gardens in SL8, and one of the most calming is the Apocalips Japan exhibit, "Zen Zabuton". A small stone walkway takes you into the meditation gazebo, which is located at Heisei (Serenity), SL8B Dazzle (203, 61, 21). Surrounding you is a calm pond filled with koi and lotus flowers. Meditation mats, incense, and a calm atmosphere offer a respite from the excitement of SL8.

Enjoy a little Zen while you rest up for another round of celebrating SL8.

Grey Lupindo

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