Monday, July 18, 2011

The Magic of Enchantment Island

The name intrigued me, Enchantment Island, and so it is. This is a place to spend some time visiting all the sights. The owner has made it easy for you to move about. Rather than teleports, Bambitwice Nitely has made a notecard with all the landmarks you should not miss and you will find them easily.

The first on the list is the Bubble Ride. Hold on to your hat when you take that ride! It is a thriller, and make sure you do it because it gives you a blast. At the end of the ride you can actually walk to the Museum of Amazing Illusions. What a treasure. It is filled with amazing art, many magical interactive pieces to explore. I lost my head there for a while, literally! The Hall of Mirrors will astound you with its reflective beauty.

From there you will move on to the second, The Museum of Surrealism. Again you will encounter amazing art pieces, reminiscent of Dali, Miro and other surreal artists in real-life and some followers in Second Life. Study the works carefully to discover their inner imagery. Many are donations of SL artists to the museum. I asked Bambitwice about herself. She has been building in Second Life for 4 years and spent many years in the entertainment world in real-life. I can see her knowledge of that entertainment world in the Museums.

From there, for a change of scenery, you can take a tour of the undersea called Incredible Deep-sea Marine Life. Luminous fish are circling in the sea around you. From there you want to go to the Great Marine Adventure and treasure hunt. Try it! I found the treasure. I took off on the boat ride to the Land of the Pharaohs that was almost as harrowing as the Bubble Ride. While here, you will have to work a bit to find more lovely treasures to see and take. Take a dip in the pool (hint ) to cleanse yourself. It took us a while but it was worth it!

Then you can visit Alice's Tea Party and enjoy all the decor and characters. Right now in the Tornado Gallery you will find Cherry Manga's art pieces. Some, or maybe all, were winners of the UWA challenges. While in the sim you may want to do some shopping. There are fascinating shops with interesting items for your avatar use or for your home. I found a collection of one prim plants and trees and a lovely selection of fish for your pool or aquarium . Take a walk around and you and you will find more little nooks and crannies with fun activities.

Start with the bubble ride which you will find here:

Gemma Cleanslate

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